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Best Time to Plant Herbaceous Peony Seeds

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Best Time to Plant Herbaceous Peony Seeds

Introduction: This article mainly introduces the seeding method of herbaceous peony.

Herbaceous peony is a perennial herbaceous plant of the genus Ranunculaceae and Paeonia. There are fleshy large main roots, stems and stalks are purple and green. The flower bud is solitary on the top of the branch and blooms before the summer. Herbaceous peony is brightly colored and shaped like a peony. The flowers are slightly fragrant. The colors are pure white, reddish, deep red, purple, red, golden, etc. There are single and double petals, which are usually cultivated for viewing. . The root of herbaceous peony can be used as a medicine, which has a slightly bitter taste and analgesic effect. Do you know how herbaceous peony is planted?


The fruit of herbaceous peony is cockroach, and each cockroach contains 1-7 seeds. When the seeds are ripe, the mites crack and the seeds are scattered. Seeds should be sown after harvesting. With the delay of sowing time, the water content of seeds decreased and the germination rate decreased.


Herbaceous peony seeds have dual dormancy characteristics of the upper and lower hypocotyls. Sowing in the fall, after a long period of low temperature in winter, the dormancy of the epicotyl can be released. In the spring of the next year, the temperature rises and when the humidity is suitable, the germ is unearthed. Here are the specific seeding steps:

1.Herbaceous peony seed harvesting

When the capsule turns yellow, it can be harvested. If the seed is collected too late, the seed coat becomes black and hard, and it is difficult to emerge. The ripening time of the fruit is different, we need to harvest it in batches. If the peel is cracked and the seeds are scattered, we can sow them. Do not expose the seeds, this will make the seed coat hard and affect the emergence of seedlings. If it is not possible to sow in time, it is feasible to moisturize the sand, but it must be taken before the roots of the seeds.


2.Herbaceous peony sowing time

Herbaceous peony must be planted in the same year and then planted in time. Usually in late August to late September, If it is later than late September, it will not be rooted this year, and the germination rate will be greatly reduced in the next spring. Moreover, even if it emerges, if seedlings root system is underdeveloped, it is difficult to resist the drought in spring and it is easy to die. Therefore, we must take care when herbaceous peony is planted.


3.Herbaceous peony seeding method

Before sowing, we need to remove the granules and impurities, and then use water to remove the unfilled seeds. The herbaceous peony seed coat is thinner than the peony and is more susceptible to water germination. We can soak seeds in warm water at 50 ° C for 24 hours, soak and then sow, so that herbaceous peony germination is more tidy, the germination rate is greatly improved, it often reaches more than 80%.


The land where the peony is planted should be deepened and leveled, and the base fertilizer should be applied. The soil is moist that suitable for sowing,the seed grain distance is not less than 3 cm when sowing; after sowing, it is covered with wet soil, the thickness is about 2 cm, and then covered with the film to keep warm, and the next spring is germinated and removed.


Please note: Because the offspring traits of the herbaceous peony horticultural species are separated and cannot maintain the excellent traits of the original variety, the seeding method cannot be used for the propagation of the cultivar.

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