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Die Yun Landscape Purple Chinese Peony Seedlings

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Price: $ 18
  • 1~3
  • 15-45
  • Sterilization and Disinfection Bare-root Without Soil

Product Description


The flowers are purplish red, chrysanthemum shaped, strong in growth, high in flowering rate, late in the middle of the flowering period, and are cultivated in a hundred flower garden.

Characteristics            Family:            Chinese Traditional Peony       Colour:            Purple          
Flower Form:            ChrysanthemumBloom Time:            May~June            
Ideal For            Containers             A Focal Point in the Garden            
Growing Conditions            Full Sunlight            Neutral Soil            
Partial Sunlight            Fruitiful Soil            
Prune            at end of summer or early fall            

Company Profile

peony garden

Why Choose Zhongchuan?

Zhongchuan Peony Industry Group, was founded in 1993, always adhere to the "peony complete industrial chain strategy" as the enterprise's development goals. After more than twenty years of hard struggle, Zhongchuan has now become a collection of scientific research, nursery stock base, garden engineering, cultural tourism, deep processing of peony products. Zhongchuan is also the northern China's largest peony industrialization with intensive and large-scale business entity.


1.Q How long does the peony root survive when it is delivered without being damaged?

1.A The peony stopped growing in the fall and entered the dormant phase in September. Peony plant roots can survive in colder containers for two months.

2.Q What are your transportation methods?

2.A According to the order quantity and country area, there are air, Express (DHL, EMS), sea and rail (wholesale orders) transportation.


3.Q How can you let the plants get here healthy without any damage?

3.A We guarantee that our peony roots are healthy and that the peony roots are packed in a mossy paper container to keep the roots moist and avoid shaking during transport.


4.Q I want to know what is the way the product is packaged when you export it?

4.A Our plants should be cleaned, disinfected and fumigated before being shipped, and then moisturized and packaged in moss.


5.Q What is the minimum order quantity?

5.A We are a wholesaler of peony tree. The minimum number is 500 strains.

But we are also in international retail. 5 strains per variety.

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