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Healthy Edible Peony Oil Zhongchuan Qingwang

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Price: $ 999
  • 250
  • 24 months
  • Super Primary Pressing (Cold Pressing)

Product Description

  • Suggested Use: It can be used as raw oil, cold mix, cooking and frying oil.

  • Storage method: Keep placed in a cool and dry place, such as low temperature floc solidification is a normal phenomenon, does not affect the consumption.

peony oil

Peony oil is produced and extracted by using the new cold pressing technology patented by the state. The content of unsaturated fatty acid in cold peony oil is as high as 92%, among which the content of α - linolenic acid is as high as 49%. It is the most safe, non-toxic and pollution-free pure natural green organic edible oil in the world, which is very beneficial to human health. It is also known as the real high-quality "Chinese edible oil" in the new resource food because of its original and unique cold oil peony species. It is an international first technology and product.

Company Profile

peony garden

Why Choose Zhongchuan Peony Oil?

Zhongchuan peony industry group started to carry out the research and development of cold peony oil in 2007. It has cooperated with Gansu Forestry extension station, Northwest Normal University, Gansu Agricultural University and other units to study. The cold peony oil extracted by modern extraction technology is not only good in color and quality, but also rich in nutrition. In October 2009, Northwest Plateau Institute of biology was entrusted to produce the identification report of Zhongchuan peony oil.

The report shows that the content of unsaturated fatty acid and α - linolenic acid in Zhongchuan peony oil is more than 92% and 49% respectively, which is the healthiest edible oil in the world.

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