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What Do Herbaceous Peony Represent in Chinese Culture?

Views:86     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-24      Origin:Site

Herbaceous peony symbolizes love in flowers. It stands for the meaning that love has a special fondness, inseparability and sincerity remain unchanged. Herbaceous peony is often used to represent a very beautiful love. In ancient times, when men and women loved each other, they often gave peony to each other. Through peony to express the other half of the farewell and love. So herbaceous peony is also known as "farewell grass". It is a kind of plant that men and women give each other when they are going to leave. Traffic and communication in ancient times are not very convenient. A couple miss each other very much when they are far away from mountains and rivers. They will place their yearning on peony.


Valentine's Day is a Western festival. Roses are the most commonly used flowers for girls. But for the flower of love in Chinese tradition, it is peony. Herbaceous peony is much milder than roses with thorns. It can show and set off the unique graceful and gentle temperament of Chinese women. Herbaceous peony has many colors, among which pink is the most popular among young people. The tender pink color, like a shy girl in love, expresses a kind of subtle and coy mood. It is like an innocent and romantic girl who is at the beginning of a love affair. People can't help but feel heartbeat for it.


Herbaceous peony also represents a woman of good character, diligence, pragmatism, gentleness and beauty. If you want to send girls flowers, classical gentle women are more suitable for peony bouquet. In ancient times, there was a traditional festival called Shangsi Festival. It refers to the four holidays on March 3 in the old calendar, which is a traditional festival in China. The main activity of this festival is to go to the water to take a bath together. Then people took part in sacrificial feasts and drinks, winding water and spring outings in the suburbs. In short, it was a kind of collective gathering of ancient people.


In this activity, many men and women who love each other will give peony to each other if they love each other. There is also a love song about giving peony. This love song comes from the classic Book of Songs. In the Book of Songs, people have been humming to the Tang, Han, Ming and Qing Dynasties, so the story about love of peony can be said to be very old and long.


Herbaceous peony itself represents love. The number of herbaceous peony can also have an impact on the flower language of herbaceous peony. For example, at a wedding, you can choose 11 peony flowers as a bouquet, which means that you only love your wife all your life. Whether holding it in the hands of the bride or throwing it out at last, being snatched by lucky people is a beautiful blessing for each other's love. We often see peony basket in wedding venues, which symbolizes loyalty to love.


Herbaceous peony is a symbol of love in Chinese culture. It has played an important role in Chinese history and it is well liked by people.

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