Global leader in peony cultivation, landscape gardening and derivative development     
Rockii-Gansu peony industry group, was founded in 1993, always adhere to the "peony complete industrial chain strategy" as the enterprise's development goals, after more than twenty years of hard struggle, has now become a collection of scientific research, nursery stock base, garden engineering, cultural tourism, deep processing of products, "five one" the whole industry chain of high-tech enterprises, is cold in northern China's largest peony industrialization, intensive, large-scale business entity.
Sow the seeds of hope
Harvest a bright future
The stem is strong.Zhongchuan seedling -- the largest seedling planting base group in northwest China, including peony seedling base (seed collection base, seedling breeding base, oil peony and ornamental peony planting demonstration base), peony base, afforestation seedling base, dahlia base, etc.In addition, more than 80 cities from 13 provinces in the north participated in the "northern peony planting big action", forming "northeast peony Inner Mongolia peony", xinjiang peony "and other new regional cultivation patterns of Chinese peony, making a significant contribution to the development of China's peony industry.At the same time, Rockii-Gansu seedlings are also exported to Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Italy, the United States, Canada and other countries.
The peonies are blooming. Rockii-Gansu peony - the world's largest mountain peony expo park, located in China's fifth largest economy development district, lanzhou, the park covers an area of 2000 mu, is one of the largest peony in northwest China's science and technology demonstration garden and ecological culture tourism park, the park has a "peony ornamental garden", "peony fine breeding park" and "oil use peony planting demonstration zone", the religious culture area, peony culture ancient town and so on many sights, and successfully held three consecutive terms zhongchuan international ecological cultural tourism festival "peony, influential at home and abroad.
Fruit products. Cold Rockii-Gansu peony industry group is China's largest peony products deep processing enterprises, in terms of peony derivatives products deep processing, with independent intellectual property rights of 7 invention patents, and has developed the "peony seed oil", and "peony flower tea" peony essence capsule ", "peony" and peony series deep processing products, cosmetics, etc are gradually into the national market, to achieve the commercialization of the product.
Corporate vision:
Let the cold parts of the world have beautiful
Rockii-Gansu  peony bloom!

Corporate mission:
To be the leader of China's peony industry and bring beauty and health to mankind

Business objectives:
To create a century of
Rockii-Gansu  peony, the construction of modern agriculture model

Corporate values:
Enterprise spirit: innovative development, - branch duxiu;Do the little things,
Achieve great things.Let employees become excellent managers of modern agricultural enterprises

Work philosophy:
communicate, learn, do what others can't do;
Knowing is not doing, knowing is not doing;Change of attitude leads to change of behavior;
Work hard can only do things well, work hard to get things done.

Business philosophy:
integrity, inclusiveness, openness, cooperation, Grow up together

Development concept:
concentration, focus, professional team spirit: unity and cooperation, quality service;
Dedication, gratitude, self-transcendence
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