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Nakagawa peony deep-processing industrial park, is a cold nakagawa peony products important way towards industrialization, intensification and industrialization, the site plan covers an area of about 300 mu, has built 800 square meters of oil extraction and refining workshop, 1000 square meters of peony wine brewing workshop, 2000 square meters, 600 square meters warehouse, and other supporting facilities green coffees which are structure, research and development to launch "nakagawa qin2 wang2" peony oil, "Dan rui treasure" peony tea, "snow area peony" essential oil capsules, "Mr Nakagawa qin2 wang2" peony peony deep processing products such as wine.
Our Values:
Peony from single - ornamental, medicinal to deep - level, multi - purpose, the whole industrial chain of development and utilization stage.In the future, efforts will be made in biological extraction of peony products, comprehensive utilization of peony products, and extension development and utilization of peony products.

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