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9 Peony Cultivation Techniques

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9 Peony Cultivation Techniques

This article mainly introduces how to cultivate peonyThe following is an introduction to the cultivation techniques of peony.



Peony requires loose, fertile, neutral microalkali or neutral soil. Cut off the broken and diseased roots of the peony seedlings, dip the insecticides and fungicides into the pots or pits prepared in advance, and the roots should be stretched. Fill the soil to the pots or pits to lift the seedlings lightly and compact the soil. Deep roots are slightly lower than the basin surface or ground level.



After planting, pour water once. Peony needs to avoid blocked or unacceptable water. Therefore, the number of watering should not be too much, especially in winter. Other times, whether the peony needs to be watered can be based on weather conditions and potting conditions. For the convenience of management, the pots can be cut into the underground after the flowers are opened.

9 Peony Cultivation Techniques



After one year of planting, it is feasible to fertilize in autumn, mainly based on decomposed organic fertilizer. Combine loose soil, spreading, and applying. In spring and summer, chemical fertilizers are used in combination with watering before and after flowering. The pot can be combined with watering to apply liquid fertilizer.



When the peony flower is in early spring, it will wake up from dormancy and gradually transition to the growing season. At this time, check the small buds on the branches, and only keep 2 to 3 buds at the top to remove all the rest. Winter plants just enter the dormant period, and pruning is the best time. The overlapping branches, cross branches, and diseased branches on the plants were all cut off.



In the growing season, we should cultivate in time, remove weeds, and pay attention to diseases and insects. In autumn and winter, We need to plow the lumps of the peony for more than two years.


Change the Basin

When the potted peony grows for three or four years, it needs to be replaced in the autumn with a large pot or ramets added with new loam.


9 Peony Cultivation Techniques


Spray the stone sulphur mixture before germination in early spring, and use insecticide and bactericide mixture in summer, depending on the condition every 2 weeks. In combination with fertilization, it is advisable to add chemical fertilizers and growth conditioners.



In order to meet the needs of festivals or celebrations, the peony can be warmed up about 50 days in advance according to the variety. The temperature is controlled at room temperature of 10-25 degrees Celsius, and the daily average is about 15 degrees Celsius. Pay attention to keep the plants moist in the early stage. After the bud formation, pay attention to ventilation and light transmission. After the buds, control the temperature according to the requirements of the flowering period. Foliar fertilization is usually required to ensure adequate water supply. In this way, flowers can be seen at any time in winter and spring.



The natural flowering period of a single peony is about 10-15 days, which is shortened with increasing temperature, and 3--8c can be maintained for more than a month.  Field planting can take temporary scaffolding to shelter from the wind and extend the viewing time. The peony in the pot should be moved to a place where the sunlight cannot be directly exposed, the temperature is 5-10 °C, and the environment is ventilated and light-transparent. According to the growth of the peony and the degree of wetness of the potting soil, watering should be carried out at the appropriate time. Remember that the flowers should not be drenched, so that the flowering period is the longest; When the peony is made into a flower arrangement, the wound should be cut or burnt in the water as well. The flower arrangement should be placed in a preservative or a lit the wounds should be cut or burned in the water.  

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