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Best Time to Plant Big Tree Peony

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-17      Origin: Site

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Best Time to Plant Herbaceous Peony Seeds

As the name implies, a peony can grow into a peony tree, which is completely different from the traditional Chinese peony and is no longer a short shrub. From the beginning of its establishment, Big Tree Peony Group has been committed to studying and cultivating tree peony to get rid of the limitation of traditional Chinese peony plant short, limited planting range, fertile soil and temperature. At present, single-pole tree peony and boutique grafted tree peony have been successfully cultivated, each of which can grow into a peony tree with a height of 3-5 meters.   Do you know when the big tree peony is suitable for palnting?

1 Fine Graft Nursery Plants _2669_2669

The features of big tree peony

The Big Tree Peony Industry Group has its own independent research institute-The Big Tree Peony Research Institute, which is the unique professional scientific research institution of tree peony in cold regions in China, making full use of wild tree peony resources originating in plateau section. After years of careful filtrating and cultivation, an excellent tree peony variety-Big Tree Peony is able to survive the winter without artificial protection at -43℃, which has completely changed the history that peony can not be cultivated in cold areas, the critical temperature of peony planting was expanded from-18 ℃ to-43 ℃, and the planting dimension was expanded from 40°N to 51°N, so that the planting range of peony was doubled.

 Big Tree Peony in Winter Without Clothes 3

1. Planting time of fine grafted big tree peony

Tree peony  that will have two planting periods every year is different from the Chinese traditional peony, which is from August to November every autumn and from March to April in spring. Recently, many customers have begun to buy and plant, and we have also begun to dig and ship goods for our customers.


2. Big tree peony sowing time

9-10 month of every year  will come to the tree peony sowing season. Every September our workers pick the latest tree peony seeds for sowing, oil extraction and sale next year. The new seed every year is not suitable for sowing, because it is not dry in the sowing season, and the survival rate of sowing is not high. Tree peony seeds have higher requirements for the growth environment, and it may be difficult for tree peony seeds to germinate if it is not a sowing method. After years of research, our researchers have finally found the most suitable planting method, and the next issue will tell you the best sowing method.

2. Seedlings from Big Tree Peony Seeds3. Seedlings from Big Tree Peony Seeds1. Seedlings from Big Tree Peony Seeds

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