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Do You Know What Other Flower Types Peonies Have Besides Single And Double Petals?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-07      Origin: Site

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Do You Know What Other Flower Types Peonies Have Besides Single And Double Petals?

In addition to the commonly known single and double petals, there are actually several other types of peony flowers.

1. Single petal type

Single petal peony is the most primitive peony flower type, and single petal peonies are not only one petal, but often have 2-3 petals, with 10-15 petals of similar size. The entire flower is flat or semi flat, fully exposing the middle pistil and stamen. Because the male and female stamens of a single petal peony have not undergone any variation, its ability to bear seeds is the best.


2. Lotus shaped

The lotus shaped peony is more complex than the single petal shape. The lotus shaped peony should be the second generation of single petal peony evolution, and it is also an ancient variety. Its petals have 4-5 rounds, and the number of petals has also doubled to around 20-25, with similar petal sizes. But the flower pattern still maintains a flat or semi flat state, as if the lotus is unfolding.


3. Chrysanthemum type

Chrysanthemum shaped peonies have upgraded petals, usually in 6 rounds, with more petals. Some petals become finer and accompanied by variations in stamens (becoming petals), while others have also undergone changes in pistils, making it impossible to count the number of petals. Due to variations in stamens, the ability to bear seeds also greatly decreases, which is the price of being beautiful. Chrysanthemum shaped peonies have increasingly sharp and delicate petals from the outside to the inside, resembling chrysanthemums.


4. Rose type

The rose type also has multiple petals, gradually decreasing from the outside to the inside. However, the petals formed by the variation of the stamens are not as fine as those of the chrysanthemum type, but are similar in shape to the outer petals, wrapped layer by layer, and the pistils also undergo variation, resulting in poor seed setting ability. This is also a common flower type.


5. Tortoise type

The outer petals of the Tuogui type peony have 2-3 rounds, which are wide and neat, maintaining their original state, like a plate. The stamen mutates into slender petals, and sometimes this variation is incomplete. There may be golden anther residues at the top or between the petals, which looks like a plate holding a osmanthus from a distance, hence the name.


6.Hydrangea type type

Its stamens have fully transformed into petals, and their size has become similar to that of the outer petals. Therefore, the originally flat and round flowers will inevitably increase in height and develop into spherical shapes. Moreover, the pistil is almost completely petalated, completely losing its ability to bear seeds. In the end, a embroidered ball shaped pattern was born, and the entire pattern became circular.

7. Thousand story tower type

Due layered pavilion shaped flowers have more than four outer pets, while some varieties have eight lower pets of similar size, with mixed pets and apetized stages, forming a layered state.

8.Golden Ring Peony

The Golden Ring type peony should also be cultivated on the basis of the Tortoise type peony. There are 2-3 normal petals outside, and a part of the stamen in the middle of the flower suddenly mutates and grows very lare, while the surrounding stamens remain normal.

9. Crown type

Crown type: Outer pets are 2-5 rounds of wide and flat shape, while middle pets gradually wide from the flower core reassembling a crown.

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