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Do You Know Why Tree Peonies Are Excellent Varieties Among Peonies?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-03-13      Origin: Site

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Do you know why tree peonies are excellent varieties among peonies?  

  Firstly, the root system of tree peonies is well-developed and can penetrate more than 10 meters underground, which makes them highly resistant to drought, especially the ability to withstand air dryness. Under severe drought conditions, tree peonies can still grow tenaciously and bloom beautiful flowers, demonstrating extremely strong vitality.

  Secondly, the adaptability of tree peonies to soil is also relatively large, and they can grow normally from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline. This extensive soil adaptability allows tree peonies to grow in different soil regions, thereby expanding their planting range.

  In addition, tree peonies have excellent cold resistance and can safely overwinter in outdoor low temperature environments of -43 ℃. This strong cold resistance enables tree peonies to grow in cold northern regions and is widely introduced to cold regions such as Northeast China and Xinjiang, becoming the only peony variety planted in the northern region.

  In addition to the above growth characteristics, tree peonies also have high ornamental value. Its tall tree shape, lush branches and leaves, and beautiful flowers all make it a top-quality ornamental flower in the courtyard. In landscape design, tree peonies are often used for courtyard beautification, park greening, and other places, bringing people beautiful visual enjoyment.

  In summary, the reason why tree peonies are excellent varieties of peonies is because they have strong growth adaptability, cold and drought resistance, and high ornamental value. These characteristics enable tree peonies to grow well under various environmental conditions and are widely used in landscape design.


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