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How Do You Propagate Tree Peonies?

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How Do You Propagate Tree Peonies?

Peony is a perennial deciduous shrub belonging to Ranunculaceae. Stems are 2 meters high and branches are short and thick. Leaves are usually secondary and triple compound leaves, with green surface, glabrous, light green back, sometimes with white powder, petiole 5-11 cm long, and axes glabrous. Flowering period is 5 months; fruit period is 6 months. In the late Qing Dynasty, peony was regarded as the national flower of China. Peony is a unique woody precious flower in China. It has thousands of years of natural growth and more than 1500 years of artificial cultivation history. It is widely cultivated in China and has been introduced all over the world. Peony flowers are embraced as the king of flowers, rich in cultural and painting works. Peony has various reproductive modes, such as cuttage, seed, layering, explant.


Cutting propagation is a method of using adventitious roots of tree peony branches to propagate new plants. It is one of the methods of asexual propagation. The method is to cut the cuttings first, separate them from the mother plant, and then insert them into the soil or other substrates to make them take root and become new plants. The branches of tree peony cuttage propagation should be selected from the native bud shoots emitted from the root of the tree peony, or when the tree peony is shaping and pruning, the branches with full stem and full apical buds and no pests and diseases should be selected as spikes, which are 10-18 cm long. Peony roots are fleshy roots, like high dry, damp, drought-resistant. Therefore, the seedbed should be ventilated to the sun, built into a high bed seedling. When cutting, irrigate one border after cutting, and pour it thoroughly at one time.

How Do You Propagate Tree Peonies?

2. Seed

Sowing propagation is a method of sexual reproduction, which is based on seed reproduction or breeding of new varieties. Before sowing, the soil must be carefully sorted out and disinfected. The land should be cultivated deeply and carefully, and plantar fertilizer should be applied. Then a 70-80 cm wide ridge is constructed, which can be sown in holes or in drills. Sowing should not be too deep, to 3-4 centimeters as a degree, after sowing cover soil and flat. Then gently firm the soil, and then water it through.

3. Layering

Peony stripping method is a reproductive method based on the principle that branches can produce adventitious roots. It is also a method of asexual reproduction of peony that branches are overwhelmed or buried in soil on the plant without leaving the mother plant. The soil is kept moist and the technique strips are buried to take root, and then cut off and planted to become new plants. The methods include: potted soil compaction and double-level method.

How Do You Propagate Tree Peonies?


Tissue culture and reproduction of plants are based on the omnipotence of plant tissue cells, using embryos, flower buds, stem tips, tender leaves and petioles of peony for in vitro culture. Generally, these materials are soaked in 75% of the spraying sperm for 5-10 minutes, and washed immediately in sterile water. Then they are soaked for 7-10 minutes to sterilize the surface, then washed with sterile water for 3-4 times, and finally placed on the culture medium for sterile culture. The basic medium was MS, and the other additives were mainly indole caproic acid, naphthalene acetic acid, indole butyric acid, gibberellin and hydrolyzed protein with different concentrations or combinations.

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