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How Pruning Helps Peonies Improve Flowering Quality?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-22      Origin: Site

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How Pruning Helps Peonies Improve Flowering Quality?

Peony is an ornamental plant that requires meticulous management. In addition to conventional management such as water and fertilizer, weeds, and pests and diseases, multiple rounds of pruning are important tasks that must be done every year, determining the growth, flowering quality, and optimal viewing period of peonies.

01 "Remove dead branches"

Before the peony buds sprout in early spring each year, cut off all the dry parts of the previous year's growing branches, remove perennial branches that are dry, decaying, and have pests and diseases, and remove the dead branches and fallen leaves around the plants.

Trimming in this step can reduce the spatial hindrance and damage of dead branches to the growth of new shoots and leaves, and reduce the spread of diseases and pests.

02" First coat of sprouting"

Generally, in the early stage of peony bud germination and before the leaves unfold, the most important first layer of bud wiping treatment is carried out. For peonies with sufficient and evenly distributed perennial branches, all foot buds are removed, and the thin and weak buds and lower buds on the perennial branches are sparse. It is recommended to ensure that each flower bud is relatively balanced in growth space and nutrient supply, and to reserve about 1.5 times the target flowering amount of flower buds to prevent unexpected factors such as "late spring cold".

After this step of pruning, adjusting the plant type, concentrating nutrients to improve flowering quality.

The flowering of peonies is a heavy physical labor that requires a lot of nutrients to be consumed. Peony roots serve as a water source reservoir for storing nutrients and water. After spring sprouting, nutrients are continuously transported from the roots to various branches, rapidly promoting branch elongation and the growth of flower buds and leaves. The total amount of nutrients stored in the roots of peonies remains constant every year, and there are always more buds in the original differentiation of peonies. By manually brushing the buds, the consumption of peonies can be reduced, and nutrients can be concentrated to supply advantageous buds, promoting better growth of these branches, larger flowers, and more petals, similar to "less growth and better growth". Therefore, pruning improves the flowering quality of peonies by regulating the nutrient flow between their roots and branches.

03 "Second coat of sprouting"

After the temperature stabilizes, the sprouting buds and leaves unfold and turn from purple red to green, a second round of bud wiping is carried out to remove any excess flower buds reserved beyond the target flowering amount (not the entire branch formed by the buds, only the flower buds are removed), and generally the topmost flower bud of the branch is retained. At this point, the leaves unfold, the leaf area gradually increases, and photosynthesis continues to strengthen. After this step of pruning, the peony restrains again to obtain new assistance, improve flowering quality, and concentrate efforts to breed the flower king.


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