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How To Care for Trees And Peonies As The Weather Gradually Gets Hotter?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-26      Origin: Site

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How to care for trees and peonies as the weather gradually gets hotter?

During high temperatures in summer, it is important to pay attention to multiple aspects when maintaining trees and peonies. Here are some suggestions:

Appropriate shading: Although tree peonies prefer sunlight, the summer sunlight is strong, and direct sunlight may cause their leaves to turn yellow or sunburn. Therefore, it is recommended to use a shading net or place it in a cool place, such as an east balcony, to reduce the adverse effects of high temperature and strong sunlight. For potted tree peonies, it is also possible to consider moving them to shaded or shaded areas with good ventilation.

Reasonable watering: In the hot summer, the demand for water in tree peonies increases. Watering should avoid the high temperature period at noon and choose to be done in the morning or evening. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the soil remains moist but not too wet, to avoid waterlogging that can cause root rot. According to the specific situation, water can be poured every 5-7 days.

Scientific fertilization: Summer is the peak period for tree peony growth, but high temperatures may cause slow or stagnant growth. Therefore, fertilization should be done in moderation to avoid excessive concentration or excessive fertilization. After flowering, a compound fertilizer mainly composed of phosphorus fertilizer can be applied once to help the plant recover its vitality. But be careful not to fertilize during extreme hot weather such as the summer dog days to avoid damaging the plants.

Prevention and control of pests and diseases: High temperature and humidity in summer can easily lead to diseases in trees and peonies, such as brown spot disease and gray mold disease. Once diseases are discovered, they should be promptly sprayed with corresponding pesticides for prevention and control. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain good ventilation of the plants and avoid excessively hot and humid environments.

In summary, during high temperatures in summer, it is necessary to pay attention to shading, watering, fertilization, and pest control when caring for trees and peonies. Through scientific maintenance methods, tree peonies can survive the hot summer and maintain a healthy and beautiful growth state.


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