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How to Get Profit from Oil Peony?

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How Oil Peony Benefit Peoples Health?

Oil peony industry is developing in full swing. With oil peony as raw material, more than 100 kinds of high-grade edible oil, health care products and skin care products can be processed.            


How Oil Peony Benefit People’s Health?


1. Development of Oil Peony Industry and Edible Oil            

Firstly, compared with traditional crops, oil peony has higher economic value, which can effectively improve farmers' income and help poor areas get rid of poverty and become rich. Raising farmers' income level is the main task of poverty alleviation and the key to building a well-off society in an all-round way. China is a big country with a large population and agriculture. For a long time, because of the low price and poor efficiency of traditional agricultural products, the increase of farmers' income has been challenged severely, which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of rural economy and the increase of farmers' income. Mountainous resources, sandy land resources, species resources, especially woody oil resources, are the dominant resources in these areas, and are the potential for prosperity. Farmers can earn 5,000 yuan per mu for planting oil peony, which is of great significance to improve the livelihood of the elderly, young, marginal and poor areas, solve the most direct and realistic problem of getting rid of poverty and getting rich, and promote the poor areas to change their economic and social outlook as soon as possible.


Secondly, oil peony has strong stress resistance and wide adaptability, which can be widely planted in poverty-stricken areas. Most of the poverty-stricken areas in China are located in mountainous, hilly and plateau areas. The production and living conditions are poor. Drought, wind, desertification, soil erosion and other natural disasters occur frequently, and the quality of cultivated land is not high. Restricted by such climatic and terrestrial conditions, agricultural production is low and unstable. Oil peony is drought-resistant, barren, cold-resistant and saline-alkali-resistant.


Therefore, the suitable range of oil peony can basically cover the main battlefield of our country, suitable for large-scale planting in poor areas, and can’t compete with grain for land, can’t compete with the people for grain.            


Finally, the management of oil peony is convenient, which is in line with the current level of rural productivity development and farmers' technical level. For a long time, the labor force in poverty-stricken areas in China lacks the necessary labor training and the quality of the labor force is low. At the same time, the phenomenon of young and strong workers going out to work is widespread in the countryside. Old people, women and children left behind in the countryside can not engage in heavy physical labor. The phenomenon of "seed buried, fertilizer sprinkled and growth from heaven" often occurs, which has a greater impact on farmers' income. Oil-used peony is a perennial shrub. After planting, it should not change stubble for 30-50 years. It only needs general management such as weeding and fertilization. It saves labor, time and cost, and is more in line with the current rural situation.            



2. Development and Health of Oil Peony Industry            

With the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to health and longevity, and demand higher and higher quality of edible oil.            


At present, it is generally accepted that the content of unsaturated fatty acids in edible oil, especially alpha-linolenic acid, is one of the important factors determining the quality of edible oil. Peony seed oil contains 92.26% unsaturated fatty acids, especially alpha-linolenic acid. Alpha-linolenic acid is an important component of human brain cells and tissue cells. It is an indispensable polyunsaturated fatty acid which can not be synthesized and replaced by itself. It is also known as "blood nutrient", "vitamin F" and "plant brain gold".            


In 1993, the WHO and the FAO jointly declared that, in view of the importance of alpha-linolenic acid to human body, they decided to promote alpha-linolenic acid worldwide. Whether the content of unsaturated fatty acid or alpha-linolenic acid, peony seed oil is far higher than the "liquid gold" called olive oil, which is a high-end edible oil. In addition, the use of other parts of oil peony can also produce a variety of products to improve the physical fitness of the people and protect people's health. Therefore, vigorous development of oil peony industry is of great significance to the health of the people and the growing demand for health products.            


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