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How to Prune a Tree Peony?

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How to Prune a Tree Peony?

When plants grow at a certain stage, they need to be pruned. Of course, the pruning of plants can not be arbitrary pruning, but skillful. Only by using this method can the plants not be harmed, and it can be helpful to the development of plants. Next, I'd like to introduce the method of tree peony pruning.



tree peony

1. Pruning parts of tree peony


Principle of tree peony pruning: One inch long and eight inches back. That is to say, when the tree peony peanut grows to the third or fourth axillary bud, it differentiates, and the upper part gradually withers. When determining the actual growth of tree peony in a year, the upper part of the bud withered, which was 8 inches back. The actual growth was from below the bud to the shoot.



2. Pruning Methods of Tree Peony


(1) The tree peony can grow in the first year after its fixed value. In the second spring equinox, when the new buds grow to 10 cm, several branches can be selected to grow vigorously and fully, and they can be evenly retained as the main branches, and all the remaining branches can be removed. Later, 1-2 new buds were selected as branches and trunks every year or every other year to make the bushes expand and plump year by year.


(2) Tree peony will wake up from dormancy in early spring, and then gradually grow up. At this time, you can check the buds on the branches and remove them all, leaving only 2-3 shoots on the top.


(3) The petals and withered leaves can be completely removed after the tree peony has withered. It is not only beneficial to flower buds, but also can reduce nutrient consumption in pots. In addition, when the flower bud differentiation is particularly obvious, only the buds on both sides of the branch can be retained, and the shoots on the top can be cut off.


(4) When entering winter, it is the dormancy period of tree peony, which is a good pruning period. The overlapping branches, crossing branches and disease and insect branches on tree peony can be cut off one by one, and the thin branches can be shortened to promote rejuvenation. In addition, the lengthy branches were truncated to reduce nutrient consumption effectively.



3. Notes for Tree Peony Pruning


(1) In pruning tree peony, attention should be paid to the neat, round and flat wounds, not to cut into horseshoe shape, and to ensure that side branches and main branches do not split. Tidy wounds can reduce evaporation and promote rapid wound healing without damaging the tree. Leaf removal should be from bottom to top to avoid injury to flower buds.


(2) In the budding period of peony, review should be carried out. Branches that do not bud or fail to flower should be cut off as appropriate in order to concentrate nutrient supply for branches and blossoms. We should not leave too dense branches. We should dare to prune them. Retaining more sparse and outgoing branches is more conducive to improving their nutritional distribution and ornamental value.


The above is the tree peony pruning method. If you want to buy peony, come to our website!

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