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Introducing Peony Flower Form

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Introducing Peony Flower Form

The peony has the reputation of the king of flowers, and its graceful and luxurious appearance is very popular. It is available in a wide variety of styles and types of petals. It can grow in many areas of China and has a very good adaptability.


1. Single Peony

The petals of single peony have 2-3 rounds, 10-15 pieces, wide and flat. The stamens are about 200-300. The pistil is about 4-6 pieces. Male and pistil develop normally and have strong fruiting ability. Single peony is represented by "Yapianzi", "Shiliuhong" and "Fengdanbai".


2. Lotus Peony

The petals of lotus peony have 4-5 rounds, 20-25 pieces. The petals are wide, the shape is similar, the arrangement is clear, the pistil develops normally, and the firming ability is strong. But the individual species occasionally stamen or pistil head petalization. Lotus peony is represented by by "Sihelian ", "Jinyunhong" and "Yubanbai".


3. Chrysanthemum Peony

The petals of chrysanthemum peony are more than 6 rounds. The petals are similar in shape, neatly arranged, and the layers are distinct. They gradually become smaller from the outside to the inside, and occasionally have petal, 5-11 pistils, which grow normally or degenerate. Some varieties have stigma on the stigma, and the knot strength is poor. Chrysanthemum peony is represented by "Rose Red", "Congzhongxiao", "Yinhong Qiaodui" and "JinpaoHong".


4. Rose Peony

The petals of rose peony are multi-round. The petals gradually become smaller from outside to inside. Some of the stamens petals turn into normal petals. The pistils degenerate into smaller or petaling, and the knot strength is poor. Rose peony is represented by "Zierqiao", "Wujin Yaohui", "Hongxia Zhenghui" and other varieties.


5. Anemone Peony

The outer petals of anemone peony are 2-5 rounds, wide and neat, and some stamens are turned into slender petals. The anus is often left with anther marks. The petals are interspersed with normal stamens. The arrangement is irregular and sparse. The pistils are normal or petalous, and have knot strength. Anemone peony is represented by "Shunvzhuang", "Jiaohong", "Xian'e", "Sanbian Saiyu".


6. Hundred Proliferate Peony

The petals below the hundred proliferate peony are more than 4 rounds. The petals are neatly arranged and the shape is similar. There are no stamens and degenerate stamens between the petals. Stamens are normal and small, or occasionally petalized, pistil degenerates or becomes petalized. The upper petals are small, flat or erect, the stamens are smaller, and the pistil degenerates or becomes petalized. Hundred proliferate peony is represented by varieties such as "Linghua Zhanlu", "Zhihong" and "Shouxinghong".


7. Golden Circle Peony

The outer petals of golden circle peony are 2-3 rounds, wide and flat. Some of the stamen petals in the center of the flower turn into narrow and erect large petals. There is a circle of normal stamens between the central petals and the outer petals. The pistils are normal or slightly petalized and have poor knot strength. Golden circle peony is represented by "Baitian E", "Junyan Hong", "Fenmian Taohua" and "Yumeiren".


8. Thousand Petal Crown Peony

The outer petals of thousand petal crown peony are 2-5 rounds, broad and flat. Most or all of the stamens turn into fine and ruffled petals. The petals are dense and tall, resembling the crown. The inner petals are arranged irregularly, with normal stamens or degrading stamens mixed between petals. Anthers often remain between the petals. The pistils are degenerated or valvular, occasionally firm. Thousand petal crown peony is represented by "Lantianyu", "Huhong", "Yaohuang", "Shouanhong" and other varieties.


9. Hydrangea Globular Peony

The stamens of the hydrangea globular peony are fully petalized, and the inner and outer lobes are similar in shape and shape, and are crowded and bulging. The pistil is substantially or completely degenerated or valvated, with no sturdiness. Hydrangea globular peony is represented by varieties such as "Doulv", "lvxiangqiu" and "XueYing Zhaoxia". 


As we all know, peony is the national flower of China. It is graceful, magnificent and powerful. It symbolizes auspiciousness and brings good luck.

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