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Peony Planting Tips - Watering

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-22      Origin: Site

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Tree Peony Care - Watering

Peony is a kind of plant that can neither tolerate drought nor flood, so watering is a very important maintenance work. Therefore, we should pay special attention to learn the knowledge of peony planting care tips,here are some things to pay attention to when watering peonies:

1. Watering time and frequency: peony watering to master the principle of "see dry see wet", that is, after the soil surface dry watering, avoid excessive watering lead to root rot.Spring and summer is the growth of peony exuberant period, need to often keep the soil moist, generally every 3-5 days watering once;Autumn air is dry, can water every day;Winter watering to control, keep the soil not too dry.

2. Watering amount: peony watering amount should be moderate, too much will lead to root waterlogging, too little can not meet the needs of plant growth.In general, every time watering to water through, let the water fully penetrate into the soil, but do not let the soil too wet.

3. Watering method: can use watering can watering or immersion basin watering way, avoid with water rush or excessive water cause soil erosion.Watering can better control water quantity and spray range, immersion basin watering can let water slowly permeate from the bottom, let the soil fully absorb water.

4. Watering precautions in different seasons: spring and summer temperature is higher, water evaporation is faster, can increase watering amount and watering times;Autumn temperature gradually reduces, water evaporation is slow, gradually reduce watering times;Winter watering to control, avoid watering too much lead to plant freezing or rotting.

5.Other notes: in the rainy season or even cloudy days to pay special attention to drainage and waterlogging, to avoid the root of the peony soaked in water for a long time; in sunny or windy days to pay attention to shading and moisturizing, to avoid excessive evaporation of water lead to water shortage of plants. In addition, when watering the peony, we should pay attention to the difference between water temperature and room temperature, to avoid the injury of the plant caused by the temperature difference.

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