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Peony care tips:Let's see how our workers take care of peonies in spring

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-03-06      Origin: Site

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Peony care tips:Let's see how our workers take care of peonies in spring

Shaped Chinese peonies refer to the use of artificial intervention and horticultural techniques to create specific shapes or patterns that enhance their ornamental and artistic value. The maintenance of shaped Chinese peonies is more complex than ordinary peonies and requires more attention and skills. Here are some suggestions for the maintenance of shaped Chinese peonies:

Design planning: Before maintaining the shape of Chinese peonies, it is necessary to have a clear design plan. Determine the form or pattern you want to present, as well as the steps and techniques required to achieve this goal.

Choose suitable varieties: Not all peony varieties are suitable for styling. Choose varieties that have strong growth potential, compact flowers, strong petals, and are not easy to fall off, which makes it easier to form and maintain the shape.

Support and fixation: Shaping peonies requires the use of supports to fix and shape their form. Materials such as bamboo sticks, iron wire, and plastic support frames can be used to gradually fix and adjust the position of branches and flowers during the growth process of peonies according to the design plan.

Pruning and growth control: By regularly pruning, the growth direction and morphology of peonies can be controlled. During the growth process, it is necessary to constantly trim excess branches and flowers to make the shape clearer and more beautiful.

Strengthen fertilizer and water management: Styled peonies require more nutrients and water to support their growth and flowering. During the growing season, fertilization should be increased and fertilizers rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other elements should be selected. At the same time, keep the soil moist and avoid drought and waterlogging.

Prevention and control of pests and diseases: Styled Chinese peonies are more susceptible to invasion by pests and diseases due to their unique morphology. The growth status of peonies should be regularly checked. Once diseases and pests are found, immediate prevention and control measures should be taken, such as spraying pesticides or increasing ventilation.

Maintenance and adjustment: The maintenance of shaped peonies is a continuous process. During the growth process, it is necessary to continuously adjust and maintain the shape to maintain its beauty and stability.


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