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The Cultivation of Peony in History

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-28      Origin: Site

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The Cultivation of Peony in History in China

Peonies may be small, but they are a unique flower of China, with a history that dates back thousands of years. Loved for its beauty, the peony is the national flower of China. Sometimes referred to as the “King of Flowers” or “Flower of Riches and Honors”, this flower has been highly appreciated throughout history for its large petals, beautiful shapes, bright colors and strong fragrance. Peony, in China, has thousands of years of natural growth and more than two thousand years of artificial cultivation history. Let's learn about the history of peony cultivation in China.



The Southern and Northern Dynasties Peony

The peony was originally a wild plant that grew up in the mountains. Later, it was discovered that its medicinal value gradually changed from wild to artificial planting. As an ornamental plant, peony began in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. The appearance of the name "peony" marks the beginning of the history of peony cultivation. Since the Northern and Southern Dynasties, peony has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years.



Sui Dynasty Peony

In the Sui Dynasty, the number and range of cultivation of peony began to expand gradually, becoming an important ornamental flower. At that time, the gardens of the royal family and the private gardens of important officials began to artificially cultivate peony, and initially formed a scene of concentrated viewing.


King Yang of Sui Dynasty specially opened a place in Luoyang City to plant peony, which opened the history of large-scale peony ornamental cultivation in China. Although King Yang of Sui Dynasty was to facilitate his own enjoyment, he did a good thing for the development of peony.



Tang Dynasty Peony

During the Tang Dynasty, people had more time and energy to cultivate peony because of social stability and economic prosperity. On the basis of the introduction of Luoyang Peony, the peony planting industry in Chang'an, the capital of the Tang Dynasty, has developed rapidly. In the Tang Dynasty, there was even a profession dedicated to planting peony.


The captivating beauty of peonies gripped the hearts of numerous  artists. In one of his poems, Li Bai compared Empress Yang's beautiful visage to an exquisite flower of peony, and the flower often appeared as one of the key subjects in Chinese literature.


At that time, the peony industry has developed rapidly, not only because peony has a certain ornamental value but also is loved by many people. More importantly, peony has high economic value. In the Tang Dynasty, it was said that the variety of peony has reached more than 10,000, and the cultivation techniques of peony are more systematic and perfect. The cultivation technology of peony has reached a fairly high level.



In ancient China, with the change of the dynasty, the peony cultivation center also changed, but the main planting center was still in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. The transfer process of the peony planting center is probably: Luoyang (Southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui Dynasty) - Chang'an (Tang Dynasty).


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