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What is Peony Fair?

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What is Peony Fair?

The peony fair is an ancient folk activity in China. It originated in Sui and Tang Dynasties and prevailed in Song dynasty. Every April is the time when peonies are in full bloom. Today, the largest peony flower fairs in China are held in three places: the Chinese Luoyang peony culture fair (from April 05 to May 05); Second, Heze international peony flower fair; the third one is the Pengzhou peony flower fair.


The Chinese Luoyang Peony Culture Fair

Chinese Luoyang peony culture fair is named as the Luoyang peony flower festival before. It is one of the four famous associations in China and has been included in the national intangible cultural heritage list. In 2015, the Luoyang peony flower festival was successfully held for 33 sessions, and in 2010, it was upgraded to a national cultural event. Over the past 30 years, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have adhered to the guiding ideology of "taking flowers as the medium, making friends widely, propagating Luoyang, expanding the opening up", and held the peony flower fair as a large-scale comprehensive economic and cultural activity integrating flower appreciation and lantern viewing, tourism, economic and trade cooperation and exchange. The peony flower meeting in Luoyang has become an important event in the city's political, economic and cultural life. It has become an indispensable grand festival for Luoyang people, and has become a platform for economic development and a window for displaying the city image. It is the bridge of Luoyang to the world and the name card of Luoyang to the world. At the same time, it has also become an excellent platform and stage for enterprises to show their strength, establish their image and promote themselves.



Heze International Peony Flower Fair

Heze international peony flower festival is one of the famous peony tourism festivals in China. Up to 2014, it has been successfully held for 23 sessions. Heze peony flower fair has won the titles of "top ten national flower festivals" and "China's most influential brand exhibition". Heze city has also been named as "China excellent tourism city", "China excellent festival city" and other honorary titles. By holding the peony flower fair, Heze peony will not only improve its popularity and become the famous Chinese peony city in the whole country, but also effectively promote the construction of the new socialist countryside and promote the all-round economic and social development of Heze. In March 2012 Heze was officially named as the peony capital of China by the Chinese flower association. Heze peony mainly focuses on Caozhou peony garden, ancient and modern garden, Caozhou hundred gardens. In addition, the whole peony township, including Zhaolou, Liji, Helou, Hongmiao, Wanglizhuang farm fields have planted a lot of peony (including medicinal peony), you can enjoy. Heze is an important peony production base, breeding base and sightseeing center in China.



Pengzhou Peony Flower Fair

Pengzhou Peony Fair began in 1985. So far, 30 sessions have been held. It is as famous as Luoyang and Heze peony fairs, and has become one of the three largest and most influential peony fairs in China. Tianpeng Peony wins with the beauty of wild interest and the richness of big flowers. It is also known as the four major Peony Ornamental bases in China with Luoyang, Changshu and Heze. In the Southern Song Dynasty, Tianpeng Peony in Sichuan flourished after Luoyang because of the northern wars and the southern migration of Song Dynasty and the destruction of famous gardens in Luoyang. It is the first in Shuzhong. Peony is a traditional precious flower in China. It is the most famous flower in China. In Danjingshan and Pengzhou Garden, every year around the Qingming Festival, Pengzhou Peony Flower Fair is held on a grand scale and with a variety of varieties.


Since the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the city or countryside flower appreciation activities have gradually formed a centralized form of ornamental - Peony Flower fair. The annual Peony Fair is famous all over the world.

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