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What is Qinglong Womochi Tree Peony?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-22      Origin: Site

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What is Qinglong Womochi Tree Peony?

Peony is a unique Chinese flower and a national flower of China. Peony is the king of flowers and is rich in culture and paintings. It has been widely cultivated in China and has been introduced all over the world. Let me introduce a valuable peony variety, Qinglong Womochi black tree peony.


What is Qinglong Womochi Tree Peony?

Morphological Character

Qinglong Womochi is a horticultural species of peony, belonging to deciduous shrubs. It is as high as 1.5 meters, and its branches are short and thick. There were few branches and sprouting tillers in the bushes. The leaves are usually two-fold and three-fold compound leaves. The shape of the leaves can be divided into two types. One is the terminal lobule, which is broadly ovate, 7-8 cm long and 5.5-7 cm wide. The lobules are 3-lobed to the middle and 2-3-lobulated. The leaves are green on the surface and light green on the back. It is sparsely pubescent or nearly glabrous along veins, and its petiole 1.2-3 cm long. The other is lateral lobules oval, 4.5-6.5 cm long and 2.5-4 cm wide. Its petiole is 10-15 cm long and its axis is glabrous.


The shape of the receptacle is basically a laurel type, sometimes a crown type. The shape of the flower bud is conical. Its outer petals are large, slightly rolled, with a purple faint. The outer petals surround the finely curled inner petals, and the pistil petals in the middle of the inner petal are turned into narrow, rolled cyan petals. The color of the filigree is purple, pink or white. The filament is about 1.3 cm long. The shape of the anther is round and 4 mm long. The shape of the disk is cup-shaped and the color is purple. There are several sharp teeth or lobes at the top of the disk that completely envelop the carpel and crack when the carpel matures.



Growth Habit

Tree peony grows in a warm, cool, dry and sunny environment. It is suitable for growing in loose, deep, fertile, dry and well drained neutral sandy loam. Poor growth in acidic or sticky soils. Adequate sunshine is beneficial to its growth, but it is not tolerant to summer sun exposure, and the plant will be dormant when the temperature is above 25 C. The optimum temperature for flowering is 17-20 C, but it must be treated at 1-10 C for 2-3 months before flowering. The minimum energy can withstand the low temperature of - 30 C, but in winter in the northern cold zone, appropriate cold prevention measures should be taken to avoid freezing damage.


Peony is a fleshy root. When planting, loose, fertile and deep sandy loam should be chosen, and the place with high dry terrain and good drainage should be chosen. Through temperature control, it can blossom on New Year's Day and Spring Festival. The method is to pot the peony 35-60 days before the festival, and gradually raise the temperature after moving into the greenhouse. During the day, the temperature is 20-25 ℃ (more than 25℃ should be ventilated by windows), and at night the temperature is 10-25 ℃. The thin fertilizer solution is applied every 10 days, and the spraying surface of 0.2-0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can also be used as topdressing fertilizer. If the flower buds do not germinate, 300 ppm-500 ppm gibberellin solution can promote germination, so that after 40-45 days, at most 60 days it can blossom. If flowering ahead of time, potted flowers can be moved into low temperature (5℃-15 ℃) room for temporary storage.




There is a gardener in KongFu. The peony trees he grows are flourishing, and the flowers are rich and fragrant. The black peony that he brought from his home was a beautiful flower. When Qianlong went down to the south of the Yangtze River, he went to the KongFu. Some people say that there is a black peony in KongFu. After the emperor listened, he was very happy. He ordered Liu Wei to go to KongFu to see the flowers. As soon as he enter the garden, he saw the colorful and fragrant scene. He saw a black peony that looked like a satin, and he couldn't move his eyes on it. The emperor asked "What is the name of this flower?"  Someone said"This is a newly cultivated flower that has no name yet." The emperor asked Liu Wei to give this flower a name. Liu Wei replied"Since ancient times, the ink means knowledge. Confucius is the ancestor of Confucianism. KongFu can be said to be Mochi. The Emperor of the Qing Dynasty was like a green dragon, and it was named Qinglong Womochi. "The emperor felt that the name was good. Since then, the name of this flower is Qinglong Womochi tree peony.


The flowers of Qinglong Womochi tree peony are like a green dragon lies in the middle of the ink pool. It has high ornamental value, strong growth and many flowers. It is one of the famous old varieties.

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