Zhongchuan Tree Peony
Founded in 1993, engaged in peony planting for 30 years.
330 acres mountainous peony nursery, the origin of Chinese Tree Peonies.
Nursery & Seedling base & manufacturer
New tree peony cultivars for the year 2023
A total of 30 varieties available, with 1-3 branches, and heights ranging from 20 to 40 centimeters.

About Us

Zhongchuan Tree Peony Industry Group

Zhongchuan Peony Industry Group originates from the company’s main product: Big Tree Peony, which was founded in 1993, and has always adhered to the development goal of “the whole industrial chain strategy of tree peony”. After more than 20 years of hard struggle, we have developed into a whole-industry chain and high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research institution, tree peony seedling bases, tree peony template garden engineering, cultural tourism, and further processing tree peony products. We are the largest industrial, intensive, and large-scale management entity for peony living in cold regions in China.


Brand Introduction

Zhongchuan Tree Peony Industry Group
Zhongchuan Tree Peony Industry Group is the pioneering leader in the global tree peony industry, with a two-decade legacy of innovation and excellence.

Nursery Base

Zhongchuan Tree Peony Nursery Base
The extensive nursery base of Zhongchuan Tree Peony Industry Group cultivates over 50 million high-quality tree peony seedlings annually.

Production Base

Zhongchuan Tree Peony Production Base
The renowned Zhongchuan Tree Peony Garden, covering more than 330 acres is a global hub for peony enthusiasts, hosting significant international events.

Our Products

Discover a world of over 350 premium tree peony varieties cultivated with pride. From our expansive nursery base, we offer 50 million high-quality tree peony seedlings annually. Step into the renowned 1.3 million square meter Big Tree Peony Garden, a paradise for peony enthusiasts worldwide. Embrace breathtaking beauty and global events. Unveil the elegance of peonies now.
Mountain Peony Garden
Nursery and Cultivation Production Base
Tree Peony Seedlings Annually
Grafted Peony Saplings Annually Featuring 40-50 Varieties
Diverse Application of Peony
Enter a world of peony wonders as we showcase Chen River peonies in various settings, including our unique applications. From luxury villas to beautiful gardens, event decor, and more, witness the magic that peonies bring to any space. Explore how our peony applications enrich living areas, elevate events, and bring nature's beauty into daily life. Join us in discovering the endless possibilities of peonies, where their timeless beauty enhances diverse landscapes and experiences, including our specialized uses.


Peonies flourish in public parks, gracing visitors with their stunning blooms, enhancing the allure of recreational areas.

Botanical Gardens

Within botanical gardens, peonies shine as captivating highlights, showcasing their vibrant beauty among diverse plant collections.


Nurseries nurture and offer peonies for enthusiasts, enabling more individuals to enjoy these beautiful flowers in their own gardens.

Research Institution

Research institutions utilize peonies for botanical studies and breeding, exploring their diversity to advance plant science.


In private villas, peonies are landscaped for their decorative charm, elevating the aesthetics of these luxurious residences.


Peonies grace courtyards with their decorative charm, elevating outdoor aesthetics and creating a serene haven for relaxation.

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Worldwide Peony Cultivation Our Global Reach

Explore the enchanting world of peonies as they bloom in diverse corners of the globe. From the frosty landscapes of Scandinavia to the vibrant gardens of Asia, and from the heart of North America to the historic parks of Europe, our peonies have found homes in:

View Our Planted Cases

American Planting American Planting
Dutch Planting Dutch Planting
French Planting French Planting
Italian Planting Italian Planting
Danish Planting Danish Planting
Our Tailored Services

OEM Service

Explore our OEM service for businesses looking to customize and brand our peony products, creating a unique offering for their customers.

E-commerce Seller

Elevate your e-commerce business with our specialized services, designed to meet the needs of online sellers seeking quality peony products for their platforms.

Peony Distributors

Join our network of peony distributors and access a range of support and resources to enhance your peony business.

Individual Customers

Shop directly from our online store and experience the convenience of ordering high-quality peony products for personal enjoyment, gifts, or special occasions.

Shopping Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive shopping guide, designed to make your journey into the world of peonies effortless and rewarding. Explore our diverse range of over 350 premium tree peony varieties, handpicked for their elegance and quality. Navigate through our user-friendly interface to discover the perfect blooms that resonate with your style.
Our step-by-step guide ensures you're equipped with the knowledge to select the ideal peony variety and seamlessly complete your purchase. Experience the joy of bringing the timeless beauty of peonies into your life.
International Collaboration

Foreign Business Visits

Explore opportunities for international partnerships as foreign delegations visit our facilities to explore potential collaborations and business ventures.

International Exhibition Participation

Join us in international exhibitions and trade shows as we showcase our products and services on a global stage, fostering connections and expanding our reach.

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Join Our Global Network: The Big Tree Peony Industry Group is your gateway to worldwide collaboration. We're actively seeking partners specializing in tree peony planting products and deep processing. Expect top-tier products, competitive pricing, and dedicated service as we grow together. Unite with us and redefine success on a global scale.
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Tree Peony Care Experts

We are the experts in tree peony care. Our professional team offers a range of efficient care and management services to ensure the health and vigorous growth of your tree peonies.
Experience the difference with our professional tree peony care and elevate your peony garden to new heights. Contact us to learn how our services can help you achieve exceptional results in tree peony cultivation and management.


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Welcome to our peony planting base! Whether you're interested in peonies or want to learn more, we're happy to help. If you need peony products, please feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to serve you.
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