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330 acres mountainous peony nursery, the origin of Chinese Tree Peonies.
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Meet Our Peony Industry Experts

Explore the expertise of our visionary peony industry leaders in cultivation, conservation, and innovative research.
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Meet Our Peony Industry Leaders

Explore the expertise and accomplishments of our esteemed team at China Peony and Peony Association. Learn about our Secretary General Zhao Qianlong's pioneering work in peony cultivation and conservation, as well as Sophia Zheng's renowned contributions to tree peony breeding and flower arrangement. Discover how our dedicated team is revolutionizing the peony industry with innovative research and development initiatives.


  • Secretary General of China Peony and Peony Association
  • Chairman of Zhongchuan Peony Industry Group
  • Director of Zhongchuan Peony Research Institute
  • The project leader and senior engineer of the Northwest China Peony and Peony Gene Bank construction project.

Chairman Zhao Qianlong has achieved many remarkable results in the fields of endangered plant protection, drought resistant plant species research, bulbous flower research, afforestation in arid barren mountains, and landscaping. He has authored multiple academic works and research papers, among which the book "Chinese Peony and Peony" won the third prize at the 5th China Flower Expo and the first prize for forestry science and technology progress in Gansu Province. For more than twenty years, he devoted himself wholeheartedly to the development of China's cold region peony industry. Based on the original Chinese purple spotted peony, he cultivated a new excellent peony variety called Zhongchuan Tree Peony, which can naturally overwinter without artificial protection in a low temperature environment of -43 ℃ through years of meticulous research, screening, and cultivation. This has completely changed the history of not being able to cultivate peonies in cold regions. Due to his ambitious goal of creating a kingdom of peonies in the cold regions of northern China, he is revered by the industry as the founder of the peony industry in the cold regions of northern China.

Sophia Zheng

  • Expert in Chinese Tree and Peony Planting
    • Founder of the Peony Lady brand
    She has long been engaged in flower breeding and production, as well as the promotion of green seedling cultivation techniques, mainly focusing on tree peonies. She has deep expertise in flower arrangement and cutting, and her works have won multiple awards. Among them, her cut flower work "Fresh cut gladiolus flowers" won the first prize at the 4th China Flower Expo; The flower arrangement work "Online Love Talk" won the bronze award at the "99 Kunming World Horticultural Expo"; The cut flower work "Gansu ornamental lily cut flowers" won the gold award at the first Gansu Province Forest and Fruit Product Exhibition and Trade Fair; The flower arrangement work "Fruit Red and Flower Brilliance" won the bronze award at the first Gansu Province Forest and Fruit Product Exhibition and Trade Fair, promoting the development of Gansu's flower arrangement industry and cultivating a group of flower arrangement experts for Gansu.
    She led business personnel to the Netherlands for two consecutive years in 2006 and 2007 to participate in the "Netherlands International Flower and Horticultural Exhibition", and visited European flower enterprises. She learned advanced industry technology and management concepts, expanded the company's business, and promoted tree peonies to the world. The company's characteristic product, Gansu cold resistant tree peony, has been exported to multiple countries such as Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, and has received high recognition from customers.

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Expert in Tree Peony Breeding and Product Research and Development
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