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Industry Encyclopedia

  • Peony Oil


    Peony oil, also known as peony seed oil or peony oil, is a vegetable oil extracted from peony seeds. This oil has rich nutritional value and health benefits, and is considered a high-quality edible oil.The production process of peony oil includes two main steps: pressing and refining. Firstly, oil i Read More
  • How To Make Cut Peony Flowers


    1.Choose healthy, pest free peony plants as cut flower materials.2.Cut peony branches in the right season (such as spring or autumn), cut as close as possible to the stem, leaving part of the stem, so that the cut flowers can absorb water.3.Put the flower branches into the water, remove the excess l Read More
  • The Cultural Background of Chinese Peony


    The cultural background of peony can be traced back to thousands of years ago, and it has a profound influence on Chinese culture.As China's national flower, peony is regarded as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, nobleness and beauty, and also represents the indomitable spirit. The origin of peony cul Read More
  • The Design Idea of Peony Garden


    The design of peony garden needs to consider many aspects, including but not limited to the following: 1.Location selection: choose a high, dry, sunny and well-drained place to plant peony, and consider setting up suitable viewing points. 2.Soil improvement: peony likes fertile, loose, well-drained Read More
  • Single-stem Tree Peony


    The single-stem peony, also known as the arbor peony or tree peony, is a cultivated form different from the shrub-like peony.Its origin can be traced back to the single-stem purple peony in Longxi area of Gansu Province. This form of peony has gradually been accepted by the market and begun to be po Read More
  • Introduction And Growth Habit of Peony


    Peony, also known as Kao, peony, Gu Yuhua, peony, buttercup family, peony, etc., is a plant of Paeonia family, Paeonia genus.Originally from the Yangtze River basin and the Yellow River basin in China, it is a warm temperate zone and temperate zone suitable for flowers. The growth habits of peony a Read More
  • The Flower Pattern of Peony


    The Flower Pattern of PeonyThere are various types of peonies, known as the king of flowers, and their flower types are classified as follows:Single petal, Lotus,Chrysanthemum,Rose,Garret Type,Hydrangea type,Golden Ring, Crown, Read More
  • Application of Peony


    The main uses of peonies1. AppreciationThe cultivation and research of peonies are becoming increasingly prosperous, and the variety is also becoming more and more diverse. There are more than 500 varieties produced in China, and the image of peonies is also widely used in traditional art, embroider Read More
  • Best Time to Plant Big Tree Peony


    This article mainly introduces the time of big tree peony Read More
  • How to Water Tree Peonies?


    The main content of this article is about how to water the Chinese tree peony. Read More
  • How Should Peonies Be Planted in a Pot?


    The main content of this article is how to grow peony. Read More
  • How Oil Peony Related to Sustainable Development?


    This article mainly introduces that how oil peony related to sustainable development. Read More
  • How to Get Profit from Oil Peony?


    This article mainly introduces oil peony. Read More
  • How Oil Peony Help People Get Rid of Poverty?


    This article mainly introduces the relationship between the development of oil peony industry and the poverty alleviation of 70 million people by 2020. Read More
  • What is Peony Fair?


    This article is mainly about the introduction of the peony fair. Read More
  • What Do Peonies Symbolize?


    The main content of this article is about the human spirit of peony. Read More
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