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Tree Peony Care Experts

  • Tree Peony Care - Spring Planting


    Spring transplanting of peonies is not the best choice, but if it is indeed necessary to do so in spring, the following are some suggestions and precautions:Transplantation time: Choose the early spring stage, when the peony has not yet begun to grow vigorously, and the damage caused by transplantat Read More
  • Tree Peony Care - Preventing Late Spring Cold


    To prevent peonies from being harmed by the cold of late spring, the following measures can be taken:Building wind barriers: Setting up wind barriers around peony gardens or planting areas can effectively reduce the degree of frost damage. The height and effective protection distance of wind barrier Read More
  • Tree Peony Care-Sprouting


    The precautions for peony germination mainly include the following points:Maintain light: After peonies sprout in spring, it is important to ensure sufficient light. Appropriate lighting is beneficial for photosynthesis to synthesize nutrients, promote new branch germination, and facilitate later fl Read More
  • Tree Peony Care - Spring Watering


    Spring irrigation of peonies is one of the important measures for spring maintenance, which helps to provide sufficient water for peonies, promote their healthy growth and flowering. The following are the precautions for peony spring irrigation:1.Determine irrigation time: In early spring, when the Read More
  • Peony Digging Skills


    Timely excavation: the time of peony excavation is generally in autumn, because autumn is the peak period of peony root growth, and the excavation is conducive to the recovery and growth of peony roots.At the same time, before excavation, pay attention to the weather conditions, avoid in the case of Read More
  • Spring Management of Peony


    (1) WateringIn spring, when the temperature rises and stabilizes to above zero, gradually remove the winterproofing to stretch the branches and leaves. At this time, the surface thaws, the young branches grow rapidly, such as the surface is dry, the water supply is out of touch, it will cause the ne Read More
  • Wintering Management of Peony


    1, wintering management: Peonies are generally planted in autumn, so the first year of wintering protection is more important, the main technical points are:(1) Timely pouring of winter water, and reasonable fertilization, to ensure that the winter root needs nutrition and water, the specific time i Read More
  • How To Cultivate Single-stem Peony?


    1. Sowing seedling: the sowing time is generally around early September, the seedling ground should be selected sandy loam, avoid low-lying or saline-alkali land, and apply sufficient base fertilizer. Sowing can be used in multiple rows or in the border sowing, 1 hectare with seeds about 150kg, afte Read More
  • Peony Planting Tips——How To Harvest Peony Seeds?


    How 1.Watch the color of the receptacle: After the peony flowers fade, they produce a fruit-like receptacle. Watch the color of the receptacle. When it turns red or brown, the seeds are ripe.2.Carefully peel the receptacle: Use clean gloves, or small scissors or blades, to carefully peel the recepta Read More
  • Peony Planting Tips - Watering


    1. Watering time and frequency: peony watering to master the principle of "see dry see wet", that is, after the soil surface dry watering, avoid excessive watering lead to root rot.Spring and summer is the growth of peony exuberant period, need to often keep the soil moist, generally every 3-5 days Read More
  • Tree Peony Care - Fertilizer


    1. Appropriate fertilizer: although peony needs sufficient nutrient supply, but excessive fertilization will lead to poor growth, and may also lead to pests and other problems.Therefore, when fertilization, we should master the principle of appropriate and timely, and adjust according to the growth. Read More
  • Tree Peony Care - Pruning


    Peony pruning modeling:While the branches of tree peony are relatively soft, you can cut off unnecessary branches according to your favorite tree type.But the core of the whole pruning should follow the core of retaining the main branch, moderate density, ventilation and light. Peony pruning time: The best pruning time is after the fall of leaves in autumn, when the damage to peony flowers is minimal, and you can clearly see the strength of the plant type and branches, which helps to determine the pruning method.In addition, after flowers, simple pruning is also needed. Pruning branches: When pruning branches, you should remove the rotten branches and leaves first, and then judge the strength of the branches.Remove the weaker and thinner branches, and retain the strong branches to prevent the loss of nutrients.The strong peony should have three main branches, and three sides branches on each main branch, which can make the main branch grow better. Read More
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