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Founded in 1993, engaged in peony planting for 30 years.
330 acres mountainous peony nursery, the origin of Chinese Tree Peonies.
Nursery & Seedling base & manufacturer

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Explore our streamlined logistics and meticulous packaging services for safe and prompt delivery of your orders.
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Dear customers,we choose appropriate logistics transportation methods such as DHL and UPS based on the quantity and weight of different plants. We only ship dormant, freshly dug bare-root tree peonies. Shipments are made in late winter/early spring and throughout the autumn. Your order confirmation will also indicate the shipment date. We will contact you promptly, provide logistics information, and update you on the status of your plants, including videos and photos during digging, and showcase images of the plants. When packaging, we label the varieties for easy identification and document the packaging process to ensure accuracy. When you place an order for plants, we will collect full payment through PayPal or Visa card.


Since we deal with bare-root seedlings, we rinse, disinfect, air dry, and label them before covering with moss for packaging. To enhance your satisfaction, we document the process from digging, showcase plant forms, heights, and thicknesses, take photos of the air-drying process to show plant conditions, and record the packing process to ensure your package arrives intact.
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Welcome to our peony planting base! Whether you're interested in peonies or want to learn more, we're happy to help. If you need peony products, please feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to serve you.
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