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Independent Research and Development of Peony Deep Processing Products for 27 Years
As the name implies, a peony can grow into a peony tree, which is completely different from the traditional Chinese peony and is no longer a short shrub. From the beginning of its establishment, Big Tree Peony Group has been committed to studying and cultivating tree peony to get rid of the limitation of traditional Chinese peony plant short, limited planting range, fertile soil and temperature. At present, single-pole tree peony and boutique grafted tree peony have been successfully cultivated, each of which can grow into a peony tree with a height of 3-5 meters.

The Height of Big Tree Peony More Than 2.5 m

Taller Than a People
Feature Big Tree Peony  Chinese Traditional Peony 
Drought Resistance Originated in the arid Loess Plateau with little  artificial watering Originated in the plain area of China
Live in warm and wet climate
Cold Resistance     (1)Survive the winter without artificial protection at -43℃
    (2)The planting dimension was expanded from 40°N to 51°N
Survive the winter with artificial protection at -30℃
Height of Tree 3-5m 0.5-1.5m
Planting time Different planting time in different areas
In Spring: 10th,Mar.-20th,Apr.
In Autumn: 20th,Jul.-25th,Oct.
Only in Autumn: Sep.-Nov.

Big Tree Peony in Winter Without Clothes 

Traditional Chinese Peony With Thick Clothes 
 Single Pole Tree Peony
Single-pole tree peony is a rare variety of peony. As its name implies, the tree peony has only one main pole, which is cultivated by our staff after years of pruning. A century-old Single-pole tree peony can be as high as 3-5 meters, blooming more than 100 at a time. Our company  has been cultivating single-pole tree peony since its establishment, and its yield is increasing continuously, which can supply more than 10000 trees at home and abroad every year.
 In 2020, Big Tree Peony company can only export more than 5000 single-pole tree peonies, each with a height of 70-130cm, with a variety of colors, which can meet the needs of customers all over the world.  

Hot-sale Single-pole Tree Peony 

More Than 2.5m Single-pole Big Tree Peony 
 High-Quality Grafted Tree Peony
Big Tree Peony cultivates a large number of high-quality grafted nursery plants from the point of establishment. With the expansion of planting area every year, the yield of high-quality grafted nursery base increases year by year. The so-called grafted nursery plants are the use of scions and anvil-wood to cultivate peony nursery plants. Every year, our workers will pick a large number of high-quality tree peony scions, graft them on the roots of herbaceous peony, and cultivate a large number of boutique tree peonies. These grafted boutique tree peonies are clumpy, each tree can be as high as 3-5 meters.Fully undertake the excellent varieties of tree peony to meet the needs of a large number of customers at home and abroad. 
In 2020, there are 40 kinds of high-quality grafted nursery plants of big tree peony for export, including white, yellow, blue, black, purple and multi-color, with a height of 20-45 cm, single, semi-double, double and other type.

 Big Tree Peony Seeds Oil
Did you know that peonies can produce seeds? Did you know that peony seeds can extract oil? The cultivation of oil peony is another major planting project of Big Tree Peony company. At present, the planting area of our oil peony is more than 4000000 ㎡, with an annual seed yield of 1200000 kg. We have our own factory, perfect mechanical configuration, and independent research and development of a new type of cold pressing extraction technology patent, which can extract peony seed oil according to customer needs at any time to ensure the freshness of the oil and give customers quality assurance. 
Scientific research shows that the content of unsaturated fatty acids in peony seed oil is as high as 92%, and the content of linolenic acid is as high as 49%, which is several times higher than olive oil and rapeseed oil. As edible oil, it can promote human blood circulation, soften blood vessels, reduce blood lipids and other effects. At the same time, peony seed oil contains anti-aging factors, special nutrients: a variety of natural bioactive ingredients such as paeonol, as well as a variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, so peony seed oil can also be made into skin care products, soap, aromatherapy candles, essential oils and other products.
Oil Type Saturated Fatty Acid Oleic Acid Linoleic Acid Linolenic Acid Unsaturated Fatty Acid
Big Tree Peony Seed Oil 5.2% 22.3% 21.2% 49.2% 92.7%
Traditional Peony Seed Oil 7.2% 21.9% 28.7% 41.9% 92.4%
Tea Oil 9.9% 7.8% 9% 2.3% 90.1%
Sunflower Oil 13.4% 18.4% 63..2% 4.5% 86.1%
Maize Oil  13.8% 26.3% 56.4% 0.6% 83.3%
Soybean Oil  15.2% 23.6% 51.7% 6.7% 82%
Colza Oil 12.6% 56.2% 16.3% 8.4% 80.9%
Big Tree Peony Seeds Oil 
Nutritional Ingredient Efficacy Application
Unsaturated Fatty Acid     1.Guard Against Hypertension
    2.Defend Headstroke and Heart Attack
    3. Immune System
    4.I mprove Memory, Mood, Attention
    5. Weight Management
    6. Constipation Diarrhea and IBS
    7. Reduces Symptoms of Menopause
    1. Cooking
    2.  skin care
    3. Be made into soap, aromatherapy candles
    4. As essential oils 
α-Linolenic Acid
Other Ingredient     1. Suncare
    2. Hair Care
    3. Clear Sunspots, Acne Marks and Pigmentation

 Big Tree Peony Flower Tea
Big Tree Peony makes full use of the value of each part of tree peony. Every year, our workers will pick large peony flowers in full bloom and use the high-precision automatic low-temperature drying oven with independent patent intellectual property rights of Big Tree Peony to heat the flowers at low temperature in a sealed box to maximize the original flower shape, color, fragrance and nutritional value. 
In addition to being rich in flavonoids, big tree peony flower tea is rich in phenols such as paeonol and Gallic acid, which can restore and fade the pigments deposited in the skin and whiten the skin, at the same time, it can improve immunity, antivirus, enhance sleep quality and other health effects.
When making tea, the whole peony tea can be soaked in a larger teapot. One flower can be soaked three times and the color of the tea is golden yellow or light pink clear and bright according to the color of the flower. In addition to being rich in flavonoids, big tree peony flower tea is rich in phenols such as paeonol and Gallic acid, which can restore and fade the pigments deposited in the skin and whiten the skin, at the same time, it can improve immunity, antivirus, enhance sleep quality and other health effects.
Big Tree Peony Flower Tea  
Nutritional Ingredient Efficacy Brewing Method
 Flavonoids     1.Prevent  Cell  Degenerating and Aging 
    2. Guard Against Hypertension
    1. Choose a Big Teapot
    2. Prepare Boiling Water
    3.  Put the Whole Flower Tea  into the Pot 
    4. Pour the Boiling Water into Pot Avoiding the Whole Flower 
    5. Wait for 15 Minutes to See the Tea with Gold Yellow or Pink
Paeonol     1. Ease Pain
    2.Aanti-inflammatory Action
Gallic acid     1. Antibiosis
    2. Antivirus
Other Ingredient     1. Maintain Beauty
    2.  Ease Physical Pain in Women etc.
 Big Tree Peony Stamen Tea
Big tree peony stamen tea is a new type of tea beverage which is very beneficial to human health by using tree peony stamens through many experts of Big Tree Peony Research Institute to study, trial-produce and adopt high-tech plant extraction and deep processing technology. It is rich in protein and 18 kinds of amino acids needed by human cells, of which 8 are essential amino acids that can only be supplemented by dietary nutrition, as well as vitamins, polysaccharides and flavonoids. The total content of flavonoids is as high as 2.02 grams per 100 grams, which is the highest content of flavonoids in plants. It has a good effect on improving human immunity, especially on the prevention and treatment of prostate diseases in middle-aged and elderly men. it is also a good drink for women's beauty, and plays an important role in the extension of the deep processing industry chain of peony plants and it is an international pioneering technology and product.
Big Tree Peony Stamen Tea  
Nutritional Ingredient Efficacy Brewing Method
 Flavonoids     1.Prevent  Cell  Degenerating and Aging 
    2. Guard Against Hypertension
    1. Choose a Teapot
    2. Prepare Boiling Water 
    3.  Take a small quantity of tea 
    4. Pour the Boiling Water into Pot 
    5. Wait for 10 Minutes to See the Tea with Gold Yellow 
18 Amino Acid     1. Prolong Life
    2.Maintain Human Metabolism
    3. Improve immunity etc.
Multivitamin     1. Antioxidants
    2.  Improve immunity
    3. Anti-age etc.
Other Ingredient     1. Maintain Beauty
    2. Prevention of Prostate Disease in Men  etc.
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