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  • Do You Know How To Pick Peony Seeds


    Determine the maturity of seeds: Observe the flowers of peonies. When the petals begin to fall off and the flowers wither, a fruit like receptacle is produced. This receptacle contains the seeds of peonies. Waiting for the color of the receptacle to turn red or brown is a signal of seed maturity.Be Read More
  • Introduction To Export Seedlings - Seeded Tree Peony Seedlings


    Good Day!Our peonies have been blooming gradually this week,and they are two completely different scenes from when they first sprouted!Today we will introduce our last export seedling - seed sowing seedlings.As its name means,this small seedling is grown from seeds,and has not undergone grafting.So Read More
  • How To Care for Trees And Peonies As The Weather Gradually Gets Hotter?


    During high temperatures in summer, it is important to pay attention to multiple aspects when maintaining trees and peonies. Here are some suggestions:Appropriate shading: Although tree peonies prefer sunlight, the summer sunlight is strong, and direct sunlight may cause their leaves to turn yellow Read More
  • How To Cultivate Shaped Tree Peonies?


    Reproduction: There are various methods for peony reproduction, including branching, grafting, and sowing. Among them, branching and grafting are common methods. The sowing method is often used to cultivate new varieties.Cultivation management: During the cultivation process, attention should be pai Read More
  • Can You Distinguish between Peonies And Peonies in Spring?


    Although both peony and peony belong to the family Paeoniaceae and genus Paeonia, there are significant differences between them, mainly manifested in the following aspects:Plant morphology: Paeonia lactiflora is a perennial herbaceous plant with a stem height between 40-70 centimeters and is relati Read More
  • How Pruning Helps Peonies Improve Flowering Quality?


    01 "Remove dead branches"Before the peony buds sprout in early spring each year, cut off all the dry parts of the previous year's growing branches, remove perennial branches that are dry, decaying, and have pests and diseases, and remove the dead branches and fallen leaves around the plants.Trimming Read More
  • Planting Techniques of Tree Peonies in Warm And Humid Areas


    The first step is the planting process.1. Selection of planting site: Both under tree shade and in areas with sufficient sunlight are acceptable, but mainly choose areas with high terrain and good drainage to prevent water accumulation.2. Tree hole sorting: Based on the age of the tree and the size Read More
  • Do You Know The Differences between These Three Specifications of Tree Peonies?


    Tree peony large fixed planting seedlings, formed plants, and shaped tree peonies are all different growth stages or cultivation forms of peonies, and they have obvious differences in multiple aspects:1. Large scale fixed planting seedlings: This is usually the final stage of tree peony seedlings. A Read More
  • How To Maintain And Manage Trees Peonies After Transplanting in Spring?


    How to maintain and manage trees and peonies after transplanting in spring?Tree peonies are very suitable for outdoor planting in parks/botanical gardens/tourist attractions/roads/communities/villa courtyards. Transplanted tree peonies will grow vigorously in a well ventilated and well lit environme Read More
  • Why Is Tree Peony Not Suitable To Plant in Pot?


    Why is tree peony not suitable for potted cultivation?The main reason why tree peonies cannot be potted is related to their growth habits and rhizome characteristics.Firstly, the plants of tree peonies are usually tall, with deep and fleshy rhizomes, which makes them unsuitable for growth in potted Read More
  • Why Is Tree Peony A Good Planting Choice in Cold Areas?


    Strong cold resistance: Tree peonies have strong cold resistance and can grow and bloom normally even in low temperature environments. This makes it very suitable for planting in cold regions, even in areas with longer winters and lower temperatures, to showcase its unique charm.High ornamental valu Read More
  • Why Export Products Are Bare Root Seedlings


    Easy to transport and package: Bare root seedlings have no soil or other attachments, making them lightweight and easy to handle and package. This is particularly important for long-distance and cross-border transportation, as it can save transportation costs and time.Reduce the spread of pests and Read More
  • The Key To Making Your Tree Peony Bare Root Seedlings Grow Well After Transplanting!


    Watering management: After transplanting, bare root seedlings need to be watered regularly to keep the soil moist. But it is also important to avoid excessive watering to prevent root rot. When watering, ensure that water can penetrate into the soil around the roots and that the roots can absorb eno Read More
  • Do You Know What Is Peony Bark?


    Speaking of peony bark, it is not the flower of tree peony, but the epidermis of tree peony root. It is a traditional Chinese medicine commonly used in promoting blood circulation, eliminating blood stasis, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and enhancing the body's immunity. Despite the fact tha Read More
  • Do You Know What Other Flower Types Peonies Have Besides Single And Double Petals?


    In addition to the commonly known single and double petals, there are actually several other types of peony flowers.1. Single petal typeSingle petal peony is the most primitive peony flower type, and single petal peonies are not only one petal, but often have 2-3 petals, with 10-15 petals of similar Read More
  • Why Can Our Tree Peonies still Be Transplanted in April?


    Tomorrow is China's Qingming Festival, and we can see that the peonies in Luoyang have already bloomed first. It is generally not recommended to transplant peonies that have already bloomed, but why can our tree peonies still be transplanted in April?Firstly, because our park is located in northwest Read More
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