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Grafted Tree Peony Seedlings for Custom Orders

Discover a diverse selection of peonies, including grafted seedlings, established saplings, single-stem seedlings, and more. Reach out for inquiries.
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Grafted Variety Seedlings

Dive into the enchanting world of tree peonies, celebrated for their exotic fragrance and their ability to thrive in a variety of climates. Discover why they flourish in regions spanning from Russia and Denmark to the United States and beyond.

Sapling Specifications

Explore our exclusive bulk purchase opportunities for grafted tree peony seedlings. Available in three size ranges (25-45 cm, 35-65 cm and 50-80cm), these petite seedlings have the potential to transform into magnificent trees, towering at 3-5 meters. Ideal for adorning public parks, botanical gardens, courtyards, villas, residential areas, farms, and more.
Potential Uses of Saplings
Dive into the world of tree peonies with our saplings, perfect for parks, botanical gardens, courtyards, villas, communities, and farms. These saplings have great potential for landscaping and horticultural investments. ZHONG CHUAN Peony Garden offers a diverse selection of tree peony varieties. Here are some of the commonly available varieties
Park planting
Botanic Garden
Nursery planting
Research institutions
Villa planting
Courtyard planting
Farm planting

Variety and Color Options

Explore a wide range of tree peony varieties and color options, each with its own unique characteristics and applications. Choose from various color series, including red, pink, and white.

Source Planting Manufacturer and Real-life Showcase

We are the source planting manufacturer of tree peonies. Our extensive cultivation area showcases the lush growth of tree peonies, creating a breathtaking sea of flowers. Below are some real-life showcase images demonstrating the grandeur of our tree peonies.

What Is a Tree Peony?

The tree peony, scientifically known as the Paeonia suffruticosa, belongs to the Northwest tree peony variety group. Its flowers are imbued with a unique fragrance and can bloom up to 150, 300, or even 800 flowers at once. These magnificent plants can grow into towering trees, reaching heights of 3 to 5 meters. Tree peonies are well-suited for cultivation in regions with cold climates, such as Russia, Denmark, Sweden, where they can naturally withstand temperatures as low as -43°C. They have also been widely planted in countries like the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Russia.

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Explore a wide range of tree peony varieties and color options, each with its own unique characteristics and applications. Choose from various color series, including red, pink, and white.
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