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Organic Paeonia Mu Dan Hua Big Tree Peony Flower Tea Single

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1. Keep in a dry and cool place
2. The whole flower is better to brew
3. Wholesale: please contact us
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Product Description


Pick large peony flowers in full bloom and use the high-precision automatic low-temperature drying oven with independent patent intellectual property rights of Big Tree Peony to heat the flowers at low temperature in a sealed box to maximize the original flower shape, color, fragrance and nutritional value.

CharacteristicsFamily:China Big Tree PeonyColour:

Before Making Tea: Yellow, Purple etc. After Making Tea: Golden Yellow or Light Pink

Nutritive ValueBe rich in flavonoids, phenols such as paeonol and Gallic acid
Benefits(1)Restore and fade the pigments deposited in the skin and whiten the skin.
(2)Improve immunity, antivirus, enhance sleep quality and other health effects.

Company Profile

peony garden

Why Choose Big Tree Peony?

The Big Tree Peony Industry Group that the name originates from the company’s main products-big tree peony, founded in 1993, has always adhered to the development goal of “the whole industrial chain strategy of tree peony”. After more than 20 years of hard struggle, at present, it has developed into a whole-industry chain and high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, tree peony seedling base,tree peony garden engineering, cultural tourism and further processing of products of tree peony, and is the largest industrial, intensive and large-scale management entity about peony living in cold region in China. The Big Tree Peony Industry Group is unique source manufacturer of big tree peony and its deeply processed products.


Q  Are your big tree peony flower tea fresh?

A Yes. Absolutely! Every year, our workers will pick a large number of big tree peony flowers in full bloom. And on the same day we will use our low-temperature drying technology for dehydration to retain the fragrance and nutritional value of the flowers. It is then packed and stored in a dry and cool place.


Q  What are your transportation methods?

A  According to the order quantity and country area, there are air, Express (DHL, EMS), sea and rail (wholesale orders) transportation.


Q What is the way that the product is packaged when you export it?

 We will wrap the shockproof, damp-proof and damage-proof material on the packing bag to avoid damage in transit.


Q  What is the minimum order quantity?

 We are a wholesaler of big tree peony flower. The minimum number is 100box.

Q  Is there a discount?

A  We welcome orders all the year. If you are our dealer, we will give you different discount according to different order quantities when the order quantities are more than the minimum order quantity.


Q  What is your payment method?

 We accept PayPal, bank transfer, L/C. If the amount of payment is too large, it can be done by bank transfer or L/C. This is usually 100% payment, then send goods.

Q  When do I order products?

A  You are welcome to place an order all year round.


Q  Can I visit your factory? Where is the location?

 Yes, The Big Tree Peony Factory is located in Lanzhou, Gansu, China. It is very close to the airport and welcome to our farm. You can contact us before you visit.

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