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2024 Main Seedling Product Highlights

In 2024, we are featuring 15,000 tree peony seedlings in nine color series and 58 varieties. Among them are varieties perfect for cut flowers, those with intensely fragrant blooms, and even varieties with petals sweet enough to eat... Everything you love is right here!

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Organic Precious Zhongchuan Tree Peony Mixed Seeds Organic Precious Zhongchuan Tree Peony Mixed Seeds
Organic Precious Zhongchuan Tree Peony Mixed Seeds Organic Precious Zhongchuan Tree Peony Mixed Seeds
Organic Precious Zhongchuan Tree Peony Mixed Seeds Organic Precious Zhongchuan Tree Peony Mixed Seeds
Organic Precious Zhongchuan Tree Peony Mixed Seeds Organic Precious Zhongchuan Tree Peony Mixed Seeds

Organic Precious Zhongchuan Tree Peony Mixed Seeds

$ 100  -  500
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These are new seeds that selected in last Sep. All belong to Paeonia rockii tree peony.
Please keep them in a dry and cool place.
For wholesale please feel free contact us.
Product Description


The whole ripe fruit is picked from the peony tree, aired and shelled to get full peony seeds.





Paeonia rockii tree peony


Usually by air, depends on the QTY


Nutritive Value

(1)The content of unsaturated fatty acids in peony seed oil is as high as 92%, and the content of linolenic acid is as high as 49%. 

(2)Be rich in anti-aging factors, special nutrients: a variety of natural bioactive ingredients such as paeonol, as well as a variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.


(1)Promote human blood circulation, soften blood vessels, reduce blood lipids and other effects.other health effects.

(2)Be made into skin care products, soap, aromatherapy candles, essential oils and other products.

Production Process

1.The Immature Big Tree Peony Seeds

1.The Immature Tree Peony Seeds

2. The Mature Big Tree Peony Seeds

2. The Mature Tree Peony Seeds

3.Airing of The Big Tree Peony Seeds With the Rind

3.Airing of The Tree Peony Seeds With the Rind

4. Remove the Seeds Rind .筛去果夹

4. Remove the Seeds Rind.

5. Airing of The Big Tree Peony Seeds

5. Airing of The Tree Peony Seeds

Company Profile
We have developed into a whole-industry chain and high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, tree peony seedlin base,tree peony garden engineering, cultural tourism and further processing of products of tree peony, and is the largest industrial, intensive and large-scale management entity about peony living in cold region in China.
  • How long does the big tree peony root survive when it is delivered without being damaged?
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    The big tree peony stopped growing in the fall and entered the dormant phase in September. Peony plant roots can survive in colder containers for two months.
  • What is the way that the product is packaged when you export it?
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    We will clean,sterilize and disinfect the seedlings roots, moisturize with moss and then wrap them with plastic wrap to preserve the nutrients and activity and avoid shaking during transport.
  • Can you guarantee that the seedlings of the big tree peony I received is the same as the picture on your website?
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    Our nursery, each variety grows in a specific area. We already have labelled every variety. At the same time, once the plants are dug out, we will label the plants. It helps to distinguish between different peony varieties. And all the photos and videos on the website are the most realistic photos of our base.
  • What are your transportation methods?
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    According to the order quantity and country area, there are air, Express (DHL, EMS), sea and rail (wholesale orders) transportation.
  • What is your payment method?
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    We accept PayPal, bank transfer, L/C. If the amount of payment is too large, it can be done by bank transfer or L/C. This is usually 100% payment, then send goods.
  • Can I visit your Peony Base? Where is the location?
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    Yes, The Big Tree Peony Company is located in Lanzhou, Gansu, China. It is very close to the airport and welcome to our farm. You can contact us before you visit.
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Other Premium Tree Peony Varieties

In addition to our prized Big Tree Peony, we also offer a variety of other carefully selected tree peony cultivars. Each variety is renowned for its unique colors, forms, and charm. Explore our diverse product range to discover tree peonies that suit various garden and landscape preferences. Whether you're seeking specific tree peony characteristics, we have an extensive selection to meet your needs for enhancing beauty and garden decor.

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Diverse Application of Peony

Enter a world of peony wonders as we showcase Chen River peonies in various settings, including our unique applications. From luxury villas to beautiful gardens, event decor, and more, witness the magic that peonies bring to any space. Explore how our peony applications enrich living areas, elevate events, and bring nature's beauty into daily life. Join us in discovering the endless possibilities of peonies, where their timeless beauty enhances diverse landscapes and experiences, including our specialized uses.
Peonies flourish in public parks, gracing visitors with their stunning blooms, enhancing the allure of recreational areas.

Botanical Gardens
Within botanical gardens, peonies shine as captivating highlights, showcasing their vibrant beauty among diverse plant collections.

Nurseries nurture and offer peonies for enthusiasts, enabling more individuals to enjoy these beautiful flowers in their own gardens.
Research Institution
Research institutions utilize peonies for botanical studies and breeding, exploring their diversity to advance plant science.

In private villas, peonies are landscaped for their decorative charm, elevating the aesthetics of these luxurious residences.

Peonies grace courtyards with their decorative charm, elevating outdoor aesthetics and creating a serene haven for relaxation.


Payment Tips

1.Please check your email after payment. Our staff will contact you.
2.Tax is not incluede.
3.Due to the impact of low and peak seasons, consumption fees will fluctuate, which will lead to fluctuations in freight prices, and repayment may occur.
4.This freight quotation does not include DHL's remote address additional charges. If the remote address is displayed when we place an order, DHL will increase the corresponding charges, and the repayment may occur.
5.Shipping method: by Air (express)
6.Please let us know beforehand if you don't have a plant import qualification.
7.Please feel free to let us know if you have any concerns.
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