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Chinese peony

These are related to the Chinese peony news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Chinese peony, to help you better understand and expand Chinese peony market. Because the market for Chinese peony is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Common Diseases of Peonies - Brown Spot Disease


    Brown spot diseaseSymptoms: Brown spot disease mainly harms the leaves of peonies, and also infects branches, flower organs, seeds, and other parts. At the beginning of the disease, large, nearly circular or irregular spots appear on the leaf blades, and both sides of the lesion are brown in color; Read More
  • How Should We Prevent And Control Peony From Contracting Anthrax?


    Anthrax is a common plant disease, so how should we prevent and control anthracnose in peonies2、 Anthrax diseaseSymptoms: Anthrax often causes the leaves of peonies to have continuous withered spots, twisted stems, and young branches to wither and die. When the leaves are infected, small brown spots Read More
  • Common Diseases of Tree Peony


    1、 Gray moldSymptoms: Gray mold mainly harms the stems, leaves, and flowers of peonies. When damaged, brown water stains appear on the stem, rot, and the seedlings wither and fall. Leaves are infected, resulting in irregular water stained lesions. There are more lesions on the tips and edges of the Read More
  • The Difference between Early Flowering Peony And Late Flowering Peony Varieties


    The difference between early flowering peony and late flowering peony varieties Read More
  • Can Tree Peonies Be Grown From Peony Seeds?


    Tree peony seeds can grow peonies. The seeds of tree peonies have the ability to sprout, and through appropriate planting methods, peony plants can be cultivated. However, when planting peony seeds, the following points should be noted:Seed selection: It is best to use fresh tree peony seeds as they Read More
  • The Difference between Tree Peony Seed Seedlings And Tree Peony Variety Seedlings


    1、 Reproductive methodsSeed sowing seedlings: Seed sowing seedlings are seedlings cultivated by directly sowing seeds into the soil, relying on the natural germination and growth of the seeds. This reproductive method belongs to the natural breeding process of plants, which is simple to operate, but Read More
  • How Should Tree Peonies Be Watered in Summer?


    Outdoor tree peonies require special attention to watering management in summer to ensure their healthy growth. Here are some suggestions for watering outdoor peonies in summer:1、 Watering principleFollow the principle of "seeing dry and seeing wet", that is, water the soil surface slightly dry befo Read More
  • What Measures Should We Take To Protect Tree Peonies From The Sun?


    Tree peony shading: If conditions permit, tall trees can be planted around the ground planted tree peonies, using their branches and leaves to provide natural shade for the peonies.Building shading nets: For ground planted peonies that cannot be naturally shaded, shading nets can be set up for sun p Read More
  • A Symbol of Purity And Elegance - White Tree Peony


    High purity and dignityHigh purity: White peonies, with their pure white color, symbolize noble quality, free from worldly pollution, and are a symbol of purity and flawless.Dignified: Its flower posture is graceful and elegant, giving people a sense of dignity and elegance. It is suitable to descri Read More
  • A Romantic Symbol - Pink Tree Peony


    The meaning of pink tree peony (usually referring to pink peony flowers) is rich and profound, and the following are its main meanings and symbolic meanings:Romance and Love: The pink peony symbolizes romance and love, representing tenderness and warmth. Its beauty and blooming process, like the blo Read More
  • A Symbol of Wealth And Prosperity - Red Tree Peonies


    A symbol of wealth and prosperity - red tree peoniesProsperity and Prosperity: Red often represents auspiciousness, celebration, and prosperity in Chinese culture. Red tree peonies have become symbols of wealth and prosperity due to their bright and eye-catching colors and plump flower patterns. Peo Read More
  • How To Match The Planting of Variety Seedlings And Single Stem Tree Peonies?


    Matching of viewing effects:The single tree peony can become the visual focus in gardens due to its unique tree shape and flower color. When pairing, it is possible to consider planting single tree peonies in prominent locations, such as courtyard entrances, corners, etc., to attract attention.Varie Read More
  • What Is The Difference between A Single Stem Tree Peony And Regular Tree Peony?


    Plant morphology:Single stemmed peonies belong to the family of large shrubs or small trees, with tall plants that can usually reach a height of about 3-5 meters and a crown width of about 3-5 meters.Traditional peonies are mostly shrubs, with clusters and many branches. They emit independent branch Read More
  • How To Choose Variety Seedlings of Different Sizes of Chinese Tree Peony?


    1-year seedlings:Features: Newborn peony seedlings with fewer branches and relatively underdeveloped root systems.Application: Suitable for potted or small-scale ornamental planting, due to its short growth period, the price is usually more affordable. Suitable for beginners or enthusiasts intereste Read More
  • Why Do People Prefer Single Tree Peonies?


    Aesthetic and Unique Form:The single stemmed peony has a distinct main stem, and its branches tightly extend upwards around the main stem, forming an elegant form that contrasts sharply with the multi branched form of clustered peonies.The shape of a single peony is beautiful, giving people a "tree" Read More
  • A Cost-effective Option - Tree Peony Seed Seeding


    If you don't know which type of peony to plant? Don't know which peony is your favorite? Don't know which peony looks good? This page is specially designed for selecting difficult groups! We hereby launch the product - Peony Blind Box, which is randomly shipped from over 5 color series and 11 variet Read More
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