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Founded in 1993,Engaged in Peony Planting. Production for 30 Years
2000 Acres Mountainous Peony Plantation, the Origin of Chinese Tree Peonies,
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  • Our CEO Mr. Zhao Communicates with German Customers


    This is our CEO Mr. Zhao communicating with a German customer on tree peony planting issues. Read More
  • Foreign customers are invited to visit the Peony Garden


    These are the photos taken when our foreign customers were invited to visit the Peony Garden. Read More
  • Feedback From Bulgarian Customers on Planting Peonies in His Villa


    Choosing appropriate plants for careful design and planting around the villa can add natural beauty to the entire environment. Peonies, as one of the traditional and luxurious flowers, create an elegant and pleasant garden for the villa. Read More
  • Photos of Peonies Growing As Reported by Customers in The South


    Planting peonies in the courtyard can add a strong cultural atmosphere to your home and create a pleasant flower environment.First, choosing the right breed is key. There are many varieties of peonies, including single petals, double petals, arbor type, dwarf type, etc. Read More
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