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Gansu,Chinese Single Tree Peony

Single Tree Peony is a rare variety belonging to the big tree peony. A century-old Single-pole tree peony can be as high as 3-5 meters, blooming more than 100 at a time. 

Gansu,Chinese Big Tree Peony

Big Tree Peony are the use of scions and anvil-wood to cultivate peony grafted nursery plants. These grafted boutique tree peonies are clumpy, each tree can be as high as 3-5 meters.

Big Tree Peony Seeds Oil

Peony seed oil's content of unsaturated fatty acids is as high as 92%, and the content of linolenic acid is as high as 49%, which is several times higher than olive oil and rapeseed oil. 

Big Tree Peony Flower Tea

Big tree peony flower tea is rich in paenols such as paeonol and Gallic acid, which can restore and fade the pigments deposited in the skin and whiten the skin.
The Big Tree Peony Industry Group is the unique source manufacturer of planting and production in China. In order to promote our products to all parts of the world and build a world-famous enterprise, we will recruit dealers for a long time since 2020.
The main recruitment of the following dealers:
(1) professional management of tree peony planting products: tree peony seedlings, tree peony seeds, Chinese herbaceous peony fresh cut flowers, traditional Chinese peony, Japanese peony and so on. Mainly for Asia, Europe, the United States, Russia, Australia and other regions
(2) specializing in tree peony deep processing products: tree peony seed oil, tree peony flower tea, Chinese specialty Morchella and so on. Mainly for the United States, Japan, South Korea, Europe and other regions. 
We will provide dealers with the best products, the best price, the best service, in order to long-term cooperation, to achieve a win-win goal. Welcome to be our partner!
Overseas Exhibition

Since 2004, Big Tree Peony began to actively explore the international market. The founder of the company has led a team to attend flower and nursery stock trade fairs held in Holland, Germany, Russia, Denmark and other countries for 7 times. By participating in foreign exhibitions, promoting, The sales of The Big Tree Peony Company’s product have increased dramatically, the international popularity of our company has been greatly improved, and the export volume of big tree peony seedlings  has been greatly increased year by year.
Foreign Customers Visitation

After opening up the international market, The Big Tree Peony company has established long-term cooperative relations with more than 500 international customers and enterprises in more than 30 countries. For example, customers from Germany, the United States, Russia, Canada and other countries have visited to observe and learn the breeding, planting, management and other knowledge of big tree peony in the cold regions of China, and exchange experiences with each other, which has effectively promoted the global development of the cause of peony in the cold regions of northern China.
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