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Do You Know How To Pick Peony Seeds

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-05-08      Origin: Site

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Do You Know How To Pick Tree Peony Seeds?

Determine the maturity of seeds: Observe the flowers of peonies. When the petals begin to fall off and the flowers wither, a fruit like receptacle is produced. This receptacle contains the seeds of peonies. Waiting for the color of the receptacle to turn red or brown is a signal of seed maturity.

Be careful when peeling off the flower holder: Use clean gloves and carefully peel off the flower holder. You can use small scissors or blades to carefully peel off the seeds to ensure they are not damaged.

Cleaning seeds: Put the peeled flower tray into clean water and gently stir to remove any residue from the tray and impurities. Then, use absorbent paper or towel to absorb the moisture on the surface of the seeds.

Drying seeds: Place clean seeds in a dry and ventilated place to air dry. You can place the seeds on a tissue or sieve to ensure they are completely dry. This will prevent the seeds from becoming moldy or rotting.

Storage of seeds: Place dried peony seeds in a dry, sealed container. Plastic bags, glass bottles, or sealed seed packaging can be used. Mark the variety name and collection date of the seeds on the container. The storage conditions should be dry, cool, and well ventilated, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

In addition, when cultivating medicinal peonies on a large scale, the following precautions should also be taken:

Selection of reserved seed fields: Select suitable reserved seed fields based on the age and growth of peonies. Generally, 5-year-old peonies bear plump and plump seeds, making them the main target for seed selection and retention; A 7-year-old plant with many flowers should control its fruit setting to avoid affecting seed plumpness and root bark yield.

Harvesting time: In autumn, when the follicles and fruits turn crab yellow, they can be harvested. If the seeds are not mature enough too early, and if they are too late, the seed coat will turn black and hard, making it difficult for seedlings to emerge. Different varieties have different ripening periods, and attention should be paid to adapting to local conditions and harveting in batches.


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