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Do You Know The Differences between These Three Specifications of Tree Peonies?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-18      Origin: Site

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Do You Know The Differences between These Three Specifications of Tree Peonies?

Tree peony large fixed planting seedlings, formed plants, and shaped tree peonies are all different growth stages or cultivation forms of peonies, and they have obvious differences in multiple aspects:

1. Large scale fixed planting seedlings: This is usually the final stage of tree peony seedlings. After years of growth and cultivation, a certain growth foundation has been established, but a complete tree shape has not yet been formed. They are usually used in nurseries or parks for large-scale landscaping.

2. Tree peony forming plant: This refers to peonies that have already passed the seedling stage and are relatively mature. Their tree shape has basically formed and has certain ornamental value. These peonies have usually undergone years of growth and pruning, with stable morphology. Each plant has certain ornamental value and is suitable for planting as an ornamental plant in courtyards or parks.

3. Shaped Tree Peony: This is the advanced form of tree peony, which not only grows and matures, but also has been designed and trimmed by professional horticulturists to form a unique shape and style. These peonies have extremely high ornamental value.

Price and Value:

Due to differences in growth stage and cultivation difficulty, the prices of these peonies in the market also vary. Generally speaking, the price of large-scale fixed planting seedlings is relatively low because they are in the early stages of growth and have not yet formed a complete ornamental value. The prices of formed and shaped tree peonies are higher, especially shaped tree peonies, which are often more expensive due to their unique shape and horticultural value.

Cultivation difficulty and maintenance requirements:

As the growth stage improves, the cultivation difficulty and maintenance requirements of these peonies also gradually increase. Large scale fixed planting seedlings are relatively easy to cultivate, as only appropriate growth environments and maintenance measures need to be provided. The formed and shaped tree peonies require more meticulous maintenance and management, including regular pruning, fertilization, and pest control.


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