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The Difference between Tree Peony Seed Seedlings And Tree Peony Variety Seedlings

Author: Zhongchuan Peony     Publish Time: 2024-07-05      Origin: Site

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The difference between tree peony seed seedlings and tree peony variety seedlings

1、 Reproductive methods

Seed sowing seedlings: Seed sowing seedlings are seedlings cultivated by directly sowing seeds into the soil, relying on the natural germination and growth of the seeds. This reproductive method belongs to the natural breeding process of plants, which is simple to operate, but the planting cycle is relatively long.

Variety seedlings: Variety seedlings refer to the seeds or seedlings of new crop varieties selected, propagated, and sold for planting. The selection and propagation of seedlings require years of research and experimentation, as well as corresponding legal procedures, before they can be put on the market for sale. These varieties of seedlings usually have stable genetic characteristics and excellent growth performance.

2、 Growth characteristics

Seed sowing seedlings: Due to the diversity and uncertainty of seed sources, there may be certain differences in the growth characteristics of seed sowing seedlings. For example, the performance of American red maple seedlings varies depending on the source of the seeds, and their growth rate is relatively slow. As the tree age increases, the color changing effect may gradually deteriorate.

Variety seedlings: Variety seedlings undergo strict breeding and reproduction processes, and their growth characteristics are relatively stable, able to maintain excellent ornamental or yield characteristics. For example, the horticultural seedlings of American red maple are selected and cultivated by horticulturists for nearly a century. Their traits are stable, do not mutate, and can maintain excellent ornamental value.

3、 Stability

Seed sowing seedlings: Due to the uncertainty of seed sources, there may be significant variations in the genetic characteristics of seed sowing seedlings. This variation may lead to unstable growth performance, making it difficult to predict.

Variety seedlings: In contrast, the genetic characteristics of variety seedlings are stable, and their growth performance is highly predictable. This makes the variety seedlings have higher application value in agricultural production.

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