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Do You Know the Folklore About Herbaceous Peony?

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Do You Know the Folklore About Herbaceous Peony?

People give each flower a different meaning to express people's language, express a certain feeling and desire, and each kind of flower has a beautiful legend. Herbaceous peony is the same. There are also many legends about herbaceous peony.


In order to study Chinese herbal medicine, Hua Tuo, a highly skilled doctor in Han Dynasty, built a herbal garden in front of his house. He planted herbs, built pharmacies, and taught people skills. One day, a foreigner gave him a herbaceous peony, and he planted it in front of the house. After carefully studying the leaves, stems and flowers of herbaceous peony, he felt that there was nothing to be used for medicine.


One day, Hua Tuo read under the lamp late into the night, suddenly outside the house came the cry of the woman. He looked out of the window and saw a beautiful woman crying in the dim moonlight. Hua Tuo was quite puzzled, pushed out of the door, but did not see any people, only to see the place where the woman stood is a peony. Hua Tuo was surprised in his heart. Was it the woman who had just been there? He looked at the peony flowers, shook his head, and said to himself, "There is nothing strange about you all over yourself. How can I make you into medicine?" Then he turned around and went back to the room to read.


Who knew Hua Tuo had just sat down, crying and drifting in again, and he got up and looked at it again, and found that the sound was still coming from the herbaceous peony. This condition was over and over again. Hua Tuo felt strange and woke up his sleeping wife and told her what had just happened. The wife said, "All the plants and trees in the medicine garden have become a good medicine in your hand. You have used it to save countless patients, and this herbaceous peony alone has been left out of the way. If you don't understand its usefulness, it feels aggrieved. " Hua Tuo said, "I have tasted all kinds of herb, and I have clearly distinguished myself from what I should use. Didn't miss anything. I have tasted this herbaceous peony many times. I really can't use it. How can I say that I have wronged it?"


A few days after the incident, his wife bleeding abdominal pain, with nothing to improve, she hid her husband, dug up the root of herbaceous peony then drink the decoction. Less than half a day later, the abdominal pain gradually stopped. She took the decoction for another two days, the disease was completely free. She told her husband about it, and Hua Tuo realized that he had forgotten to study its root and wronged herbaceous peony. Later, Hua Tuo carried out a detailed experiment on the fleshy root tuber of herbaceous peony (Radix Paeoniae Alba). It was found that its raw product was good at flat liver, gluten was good at nourishing blood, gathering yin.

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