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Feng Shui Tips on Placing Peony Plants

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-24      Origin: Site

Feng Shui Tips on Placing Peony Plants

Peony plant is generally a very useful flower to improve the environment. In order to make their home better, people generally like to put all kinds of geomantic plants in their own home, of course, peony flower is also indispensable.



Feng Shui Tips on Placing Peony Plants

The Reason for not Raising Peony at Home

Peony plant is a perennial deciduous shrub belonging to Ranunculaceae and Paeonia lactiflora. Because peony is easy to root, it is necessary to replace the pot in time during the growth process. The growth of peony needs sufficient light. If the area is small indoors or the sunshine is insufficient, it will affect the quality of flowering. Therefore, it is most suitable to cultivate peony outdoors.



The Geomancy About the Placement of Peony

Generally speaking, putting peony flowers in the home is actually a kind of display symbolizing wealth. Peony flowers can effectively enhance the geomancy of one's own home, making wealth prosperous, and also have the effect of eliminating evil spirits. If the peony position is not suitable, it will adversely affect the geomancy of the home. The position of peony in the home can be selected from the north and the south. Because peony belongs to plants, which means wood. And the north means water, wood is flourishing because water can be born. The south means fire, and the wood with the fire is a thriving image. This layout has promoted the Nine Purple Wealth Stars in the geomancy in the past two decades. Because the west means gold, wood is not suitable for gold, so peony is generally not suitable for placing in the west.


Peony flowers belong to a kind of plant with with more YangQi, so it is more suitable for placing in the location where it is in a shady, so that the YangQi can be gradually increased and the luck of the family can be improved. Peony also has an important function, which can bring marriage to unmarried people in the family. If someone in your family is unmarried and has a quest for marriage, you can put a pot of peony in your home to enhance the hope.


The balcony is a more important place in the home, because in many cases, the balcony bears the same function as the gate in terms of collecting wind and air. Therefore, in general, the balcony is a place that needs to be well arranged. So putting peony flowers on the balcony is conducive to improve the family's wealth and health.


The color of the peony flower is gorgeous, the flower pattern is generous, graceful and luxurious. Peony plant which means love and rich is suitable for placing in the living room, bedroom, because it is conducive to love and harmony between husband and wife. Placing this pot of noble flowers in a prosperous position can be said to be the icing on the cake.

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