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Herbaceous Peony: A Symbol of Friendship

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-25      Origin: Site

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Herbaceous Peony: A Symbol of Friendship

The herbaceous peony originates from Yangzhou, China, and now it is concentrated in China, North Korea, Japan, Mongolia, and Siberia. Herbaceous peony loves warm and cold-tolerant places and is a perennial herb. It has a very high ornamental value. The flower language of herbaceous peony not only symbolizes wealth and good wishes to the elders, but also symbolizes sincere friendship.


The cultivation of peony in China is very long. It is the earliest flower cultivated in China. It ranks first in the herb and is known as “Hua Xian”. It is also one of the “six famous flowers”. The color of the herbaceous peony is gorgeous, and the flower pattern is very large, so it is very ornamental, and it is very suitable as a bouquet for others.


Herbaceous peony symbolizes not only love, but also friendship. In ancient times, the traffic was not very developed, it is possible that after a friend’s farewell, it will be difficult to meet again in the future. Under such strong sadness and reluctance, herbaceous peony becomes the expressive of their feelings. Give a peony to express their own dissatisfaction with each other, and wish each other have a smooth and friendly future.


A person's life will experience a lot of parting. If you graduate, you need to say goodbye to the teacher and the school; when you change a new job, you have to be separated from your former colleagues and work environment. If you go out to study, you also separated from your family and friends. When we say goodbye, the mood and atmosphere are always reluctant, the herbaceous peony becomes the sustenance of people's feelings, it conveys the reluctance and cherishment between friends.


There is also a myth about peony. The legendary herbaceous peony is a kind of flower in the fairy world. When there was a plague disaster in the world, the jade girl and the flower god sneaked the emperor’s elixir to save the human beings, and sprinkled these celestial beings into the world. And these elixirs that have been sprinkled into the world have become a beautiful herbaceous peony.


Herbaceous peony also appeared in the legends of the ancient West. It is said that there was a famous doctor in ancient Greece who cured the disease of the king of the underworld. The doctor killed him because he was jealous of his students.In order to repay the student's kindness, Tis turned the slain student into a flower that can treat human diseases, that is herbaceous peony. Therefore, in the west, the peony is a kind of magic flower that can treat human diseases. They also think that as long as it is where the peony grows, the devil will disappear without a trace, so the peony is considered to be the embodiment of justice.


Do you know the other meanings of herbaceous peony? Follow us for more information.

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