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How To Package Our Tree Peony Bare Root Seedlings (Export Products)?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-15      Origin: Site

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How To Package Our Tree Peony Bare Root Seedlings (Export Products)?

When packaging tree peony bare root seedlings, the main goal is to protect their roots and branches, ensuring that they are not damaged during transportation. Here are some suggested packaging steps:

Cleaning and soaking in water: After receiving the bare root seedlings, first clean the entire plant with clean water to remove any soil and impurities that may be attached. If the root epidermis shrinks, the entire plant can be soaked in clean water for 2 to 6 hours to restore the root system to a full state.

Pruning and treatment: Prune the damaged parts of bare root seedlings to remove damaged branches and roots. At the same time, avoid mechanical damage to the new sprouts and ensure that the plant can grow new leaves normally.

Using moss cover: To avoid damage to branches and flower buds caused by friction during transportation, moss cover can be used

Carton packaging: Choose sturdy cardboard boxes as packaging materials. When packing, pay attention to arranging the roots outward and branches inward, layer by layer, and compact them tightly. This can ensure the stability of the plants inside the box and reduce shaking during transportation.

Marking and recording: After packaging is completed, remember to mark the tree species, quantity, date, and other information on the cardboard box for subsequent management and tracking.

Please note that during the packaging process, it is important to ensure that the roots and branches of the plant are adequately protected from compression and friction. At the same time, packaging materials should have certain moisture-proof and shockproof functions to ensure the safety of plants during transportation.


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