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How and When to Divide Herbaceous Peonies?

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How and When to Divide Herbaceous Peonies?

The petals of herbaceous peonies are obovate and the disc is shallow cup-shaped. Flowering period is 5-6 months. Flowers are usually located at the top of stem or near the axilla of apical leaf. The original flower is white with 5-13 petals. Horticultural varieties are rich in color, such as white, pink, red, purple, yellow, green, black and duplicate, with a diameter of 10-30 cm and hundreds of petals. The fruit is spindle-shaped and the seeds are round, oblong or pointed. Today let's talk about how and when to Divide Herbaceous Peonies?   



1.When to Divide Herbaceous Peony?            

In theory, it can be carried out from the real-time filling of overwintering buds to the pre-freezing of the land. But when planted at the right time, the ground temperature is high, which is conducive to the healing of root wounds, and can germinate new roots, enhance the ability of cold and drought tolerance, and lay the foundation for the next year's germination and growth. It is not advisable to plant early so as to avoid the occurrence of autumn phenomenon and affect the growth and development of the second year; it is also not advisable to plant late, when the ground temperature can’t meet the needs of rooting of herbaceous peonies, so that the next year's new plants do not grow well; if planted late in spring, the buds germinate soil, because of the increasing temperature in spring, low air temperature, large transpiration, and so on. The root system after the plant was injured and could not normally absorb water and nutrients, resulting in the growth of the broken plant was very weak, or even died. After three or four years of growth, the ramet seedlings can be ramified again. Over the years, the root system will be old, plant growth is weak, poor flowering.            



2. How to Divide Herbaceous Peony?            

Carefully dig up fleshy roots to minimize root injuries. After digging up, remove the residence soil, remove the old and hard rotten areas. Divide each plant into 3-5 offspring with a hand or sharp knife along the natural crevice, each with 3-5 or 2-3 buds; When the mother plant is small and the planting task is large, each offspring can also take 1-2 buds, but it is necessary to restore growth. Slow down, the thick roots should be retained when ramification. If the soil is wet, the root of herbaceous peonies is crisp and easy to break. It can be dried for one day before being divided into two parts, then dried slightly in shade, and then planted with nutrient-containing mud. In the garden green space, herbaceous peonies have been planted for many years, its growth is weakening and it is urgent to be planted, but it can’t be affected by the reproduction of visitors to watch at flowering. It can be used to dig a deep hole beside the herbaceous peonies plant with a shovel to reveal some of the root of herbaceous peonies. Then, the herbaceous peonies plant is cut with a sharp shovel to minimize the vibration of the original plant and cut it out. The method of ramet planting is the same as that of cutting half of the original plant. The deep holes dug out can be compacted by adding appropriate amount of fertilizer and soil. In this way, the ramets can be rejuvenated without affecting the landscape, but only for 2 to 3 years. However, because of the taboo of continuous cropping of peony, the method of interlacing or planting separately can’t be applied continuously, otherwise the occurrence of pests and diseases will be serious, the growth will be poor, and even the mortality will be greatly increased.            



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