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Tree Peony Care - Pruning

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-16      Origin: Site

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Tree Peony Care - Pruning

Peony pruning modeling:While the branches of tree peony are relatively soft, you can cut off unnecessary branches according to your favorite tree type.But the core of the whole pruning should follow the core of retaining the main branch, moderate density, ventilation and light.

Peony pruning time: The best pruning time is after the fall of leaves in autumn, when the damage to peony flowers is minimal, and you can clearly see the strength of the plant type and branches, which helps to determine the pruning method.In addition, after flowers, simple pruning is also needed.

Pruning branches: When pruning branches, you should remove the rotten branches and leaves first, and then judge the strength of the branches.Remove the weaker and thinner branches, and retain the strong branches to prevent the loss of nutrients.The strong peony should have three main branches, and three sides branches on each main branch, which can make the main branch grow better.


Peony pruning remaining flowers and leaves: When the peony opens and fades, you should prune remaining flowers and leaves in time.This can not only provide the nutrients needed for the normal opening of new flowers, but also keep the branches of peony neat, making it in a more beautiful state. Dead leaves also need to be removed in time to prevent excessive moisture absorption and accelerate evaporation, increase the risk of pests and diseases, affect the quality of dormancy of plants.When pruning leaves, the principle should be from top to bottom to avoid damaging buds.

Peony pruning branches: When pruning branches, branches should be pruned to keep them between 1-3 buds.This can effectively promote flower growth and make flowers more beautiful.

Peony wound treatment: When pruning, pay attention to the wound tidy, round, flat, can not be cut into a horseshoe shape.Ensure that lateral branches and main branches do not split, neat wounds can reduce evaporation and promote wound healing, and will not damage the tree.The removal of leaves should be from bottom to top to avoid damaging buds.


Peony pruning: Peony is a cluster of shrubs, for ornamental planting of peony, each plant with 5-8 branches, remove the thin and long branches.The left branches should be distributed evenly and moderate height.If the left branches are not suitable, they should also be removed, and the soil buds at the root neck (germination buds) should be left to cultivate into branches.For reproductive plants, all soil buds and branches can be completely retained, the more dense the better, to branch cultivation branches.

Peony bud removal: Bud removal can keep branches symmetrical, bloomy, neat and consistent, control the number of flowers and the strength of root growth. Peony bud is mainly to retain the top bud, remove the soil bud and the left out of the branches on the useless bud. In order to maintain the shape of the plant, but also remove the top bud of the branches, leaving its side buds to bloom; the top bud development is not sound, should leave the better development of the side buds.


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