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What Are Four Famous Precious Peonies?

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What Are Four Famous Precious Peonies?

Tree peony is known in China as the “king of flowers”. It has various colors such as yellow, green, flesh red, deep red, and silver red, among which yellow and green are distinguished. Although the peony flowers are rich in color and variety, they are the most outstanding in terms of Yao Huang, Wei Zi, Zhao Fen and Dou Lu.


Yao Huang Tree Peony

Yao Huang Tree Peony, one of the four famous tree peony in China, known as the "king of the peony". The petals of Yao Huang Tree Peony are crown-shaped and sometimes golden. This tree peony has 3 rounds to 4 rounds of outer petals, and its inner petals are relatively fine, mostly narrow and slender or spoon-shaped. The petals of Yao Huang Tree Peony have a low purple halo. Its flower diameter is 18 cm and the flower height is 13 cm.This flower is a late-opening variety. And Yao Huang Tree Peony prefers a warm, cool, dry, sunny environment.




Wei Zi Tree Peony

Wei Zi Tree Peony, formerly known as Luoyang Wei Zi Tree Peony , has purple flowers and the tip end of the petals is pinkish white. Wei Zi Tree Peony has a long flowering period, a large amount of flowers, which has been promoted as the “Queen of Tree Peony”. Wei Zi Tree Peony gives people a warm feeling, can create a successful, festive, auspicious atmosphere, and is very entertaining. The overall shape of Wei Zi Peony is crown-shaped. The flower bud is oblate; the flower diameter is 18cm x 12cm. The flower has 3 rounds of outer flaps and more internal folds. The peduncle of Wei Zi Peony is thick and hard.



Dou Lu Tree Peony

Dou Lu Tree Peony is a light green peony flower. Dou Lu Tree Peony is a rare and precious peony variety in the world. Among the tree peony varieties, the Dou Lu Tree Peony is the only pure green treasure, which is named for its color like green beans. It is blue-green when it is first opened and fades in color when it is in full bloom. In Chinese folklore, the Dou Lu Tree Peony is a change of the green jade of the flower fairy. Once a flower farmer worked hard to cultivate a new variety of peony, but failed to win the championship in the peony competition , then he wanted to drop the flower pot. At that moment flower fairy told him that if he wanted to plant a famous flower, he would have to stand the hardship. And then she pulled the green jade from her head and threw it into the soil. A few years later, a green peony was successfully grown in the place where green jade was buried.


Zhao Fen Tree Peony

Zhao Fen Tree Peony is the youngest of the four famous Peony. The corolla of Zhao Fen peony is generally crown-shaped, sometimes in the form of lotus and gold ring. Its flowers are aromatic and the aroma can last for a long time. Zhao Fen peony has three flower patterns of single, semidouble and double. Zhao Fen peony is the easiest to plant among the four peony varieties.

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