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What Do Peonies Symbolize?

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What Do Peonies Symbolize?

The peony is the unofficial Chinese National Flower. It stands as a symbol of spring and female beauty and reproduction. It also represents richness, honor and high social class. It is a favored flower for the 12th wedding anniversary. Peonies from Luoyang are considered the best in the country and are showcased in a festival held in Louyang in April or May of each year.



The Peony Culture Festival of Luoyang China

One of the most popular cities in China to see peonies is Luoyang, which is sometimes referred to as the City of Peony. It houses the National Peony Garden, which has over 100 different kinds of peonies and hosts an annual peony festival.The Luoyang Peony Culture Festival in China was formerly known as the Luoyang Peony Flower Festival and has been included in the list of China's national intangible cultural heritage.It started in 1983 and was renamed as “China Luoyang Peony Culture Festival” in 2010, sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Culture.


China Luoyang Peony Culture Festival is a large-scale comprehensive economic and cultural activity that integrates flower viewing, lighting, tourism, and economic and trade cooperation. It has become a platform for Luoyang to develop its economy and a window to display the image of the city. Luoyang’s bridge to the world and the world’s business card for Luoyang.


During the Peony Culture Festival. You can appreciate the beauty of thousand kinds of peony flowers as well as the historical and cultural heritages in Luoyang, the ancient capital of China.



The Humanistic Spirit of Peony

Known as the “king of the flowers”, the peony is a symbol of royalty and virtue. It is also called the “flower of wealth and honour” (fuguihua ) and is widely used to represent wealth and honour.In Chinese culture, peony is endowed with many humanistic spirits.


1. Symbol of National Prosperity

When the peony flower is open, the flowers are smashed and the aroma is fragrant. During the Tang Dynasty, the flowering season of the peony was the lively day of the capital Chang'an. Since the Tang Dynasty, peony has become a symbol of the happiness of the people and the prosperity of the country. This cultural significance has been passed down in China.


2. Expectation and pursuit of affluent life

The peony is brightly colored, giving people a sense of wealth from the temperament. Since the Song Dynasty, peony has been called “flower of wealth and honour” (fuguihua ). In the paintings of various generations and various arts and crafts, peony, as a symbol of wealth, is combined with other flowers, birds and rocks to express the Chinese people's pursuit and prosperity for wealth.


3. Symbol of noble personality

The Chinese people especially love peony, and they have given the peony the outstanding character that can represent the spiritual power of the Chinese nation.


In the wild, peony is not delicate and fragile. Peony flowers originally grew in the mountains. In recent times, because the forest area has been shrinking, the medicinal materials have been indiscriminately used, and even the wild peony can only grow stubbornly in the cliffs. On the arid and barren land of the Loess Plateau, the peony still produces beautiful flowers.

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