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What is Tree Peony Root Good for?

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What is Tree Peony Root Good for? 

The tree peony root is the dry root of the peony of the Ranunculaceae. It is produced in Anhui, Shandong and other places. In the autumn, the roots were excavated, and the farmers removed the fine roots, peeled off the root and dried. Studies have shown that peony and glycosides contained in tree peony root have anti-inflammatory effects; peony phenol has central inhibition, such as sedation, cooling, antipyretic and analgesic effects, and diuretic and anti-ulcer effects. We describe in detail the pharmacological benefits of peony root.


Cardiovascular Effects

Studies have shown that peony phenol 80-120mg / kg intravenous injection, both anesthetized dogs and rats have antihypertensive effect. Primary and renal hypertensive dogs were intragastrically administered with 5g/kg of tree peony root decoction for 5 days. On the 6th day, the dose was increased to 10g/kg, and the blood pressure was significantly decreased. The effect of tree peony root on anesthetized dogs can increase coronary blood flow, reduce cardiac output, and reduce left ventricular work. It has obvious protective effect on experimental myocardial ischemia and lasts for a long time, while reducing myocardial oxygen consumption.


Effects on the Central Nervous System

Paeonol has an antipyretic effect on fever induced by oral typhoid and paratyphoid vaccine, and reduces the body temperature of normal mice. Oral paeonol can inhibit the writhing reaction and rat tail tenderness reaction induced by intraperitoneal injection of acetic acid, it can also resist the hyperactivity of mice induced by caffeine, and can significantly prolong the sleep of mice caused by cyclohexabarbital sodium. At the time of high dose, the mice can disappear from the righting reflex and can obviously resist the convulsion caused by pentylenetetrazol, strychnine, nicotine and electroshock. The site of action is in the midbrain reticular formation and the thalamus.


Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Oral administration of paeonol inhibits edema of athlete's foot caused by dextran or acetic acid, and inhibits the permeation of the peritoneal or cutaneous capillary of mice induced by acetic acid or serotonin, inhibiting stress in mice The occurrence of ulcers.

The experiment proves that tree peony root decoction has an inhibitory effect on various inflammatory reactions caused by carrageenan edema, adjuvant arthritis and arthus reaction, which is related to inhibiting the permeability of inflammatory tissue and inhibiting the biosynthesis of PGE2. Peony root can not inhibit the compensatory hyperplasia of the remaining adrenal gland, and has no significant effect on the metabolism of adrenal vitamin C, which indicates that the anti-inflammatory effect of peony root does not depend on the pituitary adrenal system. Type I, II, and III allergic reactions are mediated by specific antibodies. Peony root has no significant effect on antibody formation, but it has inhibitory effects, which may be through non-specific anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Serum complement activity also enhances its anti-inflammatory effects.


Tree peony root has a very high medicinal value, and regular drinking is good for our health. Click on us for more flower products. Any questions please freely contact us~

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