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Why Choose Our Tree Peony?

Author: Zhongchuan Peony     Publish Time: 2024-06-18      Origin: Site

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Why choose our tree peony?

As an excellent variety, the characteristics of tree peony are reflected in multiple aspects. The following is a detailed explanation of its advantages:

High ornamental value:

Tree peonies have become highly ornamental plants due to their tall plants, bright flowers, and strong fragrance.

The flowers are large and diverse in color, which can create a unique visual effect and attract people's attention.

With a long flowering period and a large number of flowers, some varieties can even bloom up to hundreds of flowers, forming a spectacular scene of blooming flowers, greatly enhancing the ornamental value of the garden landscape.

Strong adaptability:

Tree peonies have extremely strong stress resistance and can withstand temperatures as low as minus 43 degrees Celsius, adapting to cold and arid climate conditions.

The requirements for soil are not strict, and it can grow within the pH range of 6.2-8.3. It has strong resistance to barren soil, so it can survive and grow well in various soil types.

Variety uniqueness:

Tree peony (purple spotted peony) is the second largest cultivated peony variety group in China, following the Central Plains peony cultivation variety groups in Heze, Shandong and Luoyang, Henan.

The main characteristics are cold and drought resistance, tall plants, large and colorful flowers, strong aroma, strong disease and insect resistance, and wide adaptability.

Mature cultivation techniques:

Peony planting techniques are relatively mature, including suitable planting time (late September to early October), soil selection (loose, fertile, well drained sandy soil), planting methods (pay attention to planting depth and root treatment), etc.

There are various breeding methods, including sowing, splitting, grafting, etc., which are convenient for large-scale planting and variety improvement.

Easy maintenance management:

The maintenance and management of tree peonies is relatively simple, including reasonable fertilization (at least three times a year), watering (pay attention to timing and measurement), and pest control.

No complex maintenance measures are required to ensure its healthy growth and good viewing effect.


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