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Founded in 1993,Engaged in Peony Planting. Production for 30 Years
2000 Acres Mountainous Peony Plantation, the Origin of Chinese Tree Peonies,
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Gansu Peony

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  • Do You Know How To Distinguish between Tree Paenoia And Peonies


    Paeonia and peony both belong to the family Ranunculaceae and the genus Paeonia. In ancient times, peonies and peonies were indistinguishable. Later on, there was a saying for woody peonies and herbaceous peonies. Later on, woody peonies became peonies, and herbaceous peonies are what we now call pe Read More
  • How Oil Peony Help People Get Rid of Poverty?


    This article mainly introduces the relationship between the development of oil peony industry and the poverty alleviation of 70 million people by 2020. Read More
  • Why to Drink Peony Flower Tea?


    This article mainly describes the benefit and contraindications of peony. Read More
  • What Are the Best Flowers for Your Mother?


    This article mainly introduces what flowers should be sent on Mother's Day. Read More
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