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What Are the Best Flowers for Your Mother?

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What Are the Best Flowers for Your Mother?

The first official Mother's Day began in 1914. This is the idea of Anna Jarvis. Mother's Day is a way of commemorating the sacrifices made by mothers for their children. The original celebration was wearing white carnations and visiting mother on Mother's Day. Since then, Mother's Day has become an important holiday. How did you celebrate Mother's Day? What Are the Best Flowers for Your Mother?After reading this article you will get it.


Longevity flower

Just like its name, the longevity flower is to bless your mother's longevity. The longevity flower not only looks good, but also has a long flowering period. It can be watched for a long time. This is really the best bouquet for the mother.



The scribbled flower language is the elimination of troubles, and the mother is worrying about our livelihood every day. Therefore, you send a bunch of scribbles to your mother, hoping that they will be happy every day and stay away from their troubles.



Roses are not just for your lover. On your mother's birthday, you give a bunch of roses to your mother, which is also a good choice. Sending roses means that you want your mother to be beautiful and happy.



Carnation's flower language expresses its love for the mother, and it can also bless the mother's health and longevity. Carnations are actually made up of many colors, and the carnations of different colors have different meanings, just like: pink carnations express yourself that you want your mother to be beautiful and youthful forever. The yellow color expresses gratitude to the mother, thanks to the mother's hard work for us, and thank the mother for everything she has done before.


Herbaceous Peony

Herbaceous peony symbolizes wealth and good wishes for the elders. It shows the temperament of introverted.

If your mother is an introverted person, using the peony as a gift not only expresses the good wishes but also suits the preferences of the elders. Together with the beautiful and bright colors of the peony, which make your mother more pleasant. The herbaceous peony is clear and introverted, and it also represents the meaning of love. For the dearest mother, it is also the most appropriate.


Different flower combinations

Gold lily and rose, gerbera

The combination of golden lilies and roses and gerbera has many meanings. If you add 5 golden lilies and 5 roses plus 5 gerberas, you will express your love for the family. The meaning is hope. Family and harmony.


Lily and carnation

The combination of lily and carnation is to express my gratitude for the mother's kindness. We are grateful to all the mothers of the world for doing what they have done for their children. We hope that all mothers will be able to live better in the future.


What gifts did you send to your mother? Is there anything touching between you and your mother? Welcome to share with us.

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