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Founded in 1993, engaged in peony planting for 30 years.
330 acres mountainous peony nursery, the origin of Chinese Tree Peonies.
Nursery & Seedling base & manufacturer

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A Cost-effective Option - Tree Peony Seed Seeding

Author: Zhongchuan Peony     Publish Time: 2024-06-20      Origin: Site

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A Cost-effective Option - Tree Peony Seed Seeding

Seed sowing is the process of directly planting seeds into the soil, and obtaining seedlings through seed germination and growth.

They usually have characteristics such as well-developed root systems, strong vitality, high plasticity, and long lifespan.

Seed sowing seedling cultivation conforms to the natural growth and development laws of trees, with complete root systems. Under scientific seedling cultivation techniques, the seedlings grow neatly and vigorously.

If you don't know which type of peony to plant? Don't know which peony is your favorite? Don't know which peony looks beautiful? If you don't have any requirements for the color, pattern, and variety of peonies, this seedling is your best choice.


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